Though there is no official word, the talk is that almost half of the candidates in the PMP exam fail on their first try. We don’t know if it is true. However, we could be sure that PMP isn’t considered to be an easy exam to pass and lots of failing it the first time. PMP exam doesn’t just require an undertaking from the exam taker, but instead, they look for a smart effort to clear it on the first try. Here we will look for individual mistakes, which the candidates make and have the potential to cause the candidate to fail the PMP exam. However, the presence of more than one shortcoming would be making the probability of failure much higher. Rhetorically speaking, it won’t be incorrect to say that we could guarantee failure in the company of all the causes.

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So let us have a look at the reasons for failing the PMP exam of the people, but before that, if you wish to ensure your success, the best way would be through the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps.

Mistake 1 – Not planning an efficient path to PMP success

Believing you would be able to walk in on exam day without studying just because you would have been a project manager for years isn’t an adequate plan for PMP success. If you don’t know where to begin, go ahead and take a full-length exam without worrying about the time limit. From that first trial run, you would be able to identify your gaps in knowledge.

Mistake 2 – Not having the correct amount of confidence

The correct amount of confidence could be quite challenging to achieve. Too much and you don’t feel like you are required to study and too little, you might not believe you could pass the exam. If you have lots of years of project management experience and think the PMP exam will be easy because you have all of this experience, ask yourself if your experience would be covering all ten of the current knowledge areas and all of the 49 processes within.

Mistake 3 – Relying totally on free questions to study

Free questions could be great, and who wishes to spend more than they already have? But sometimes you are required to gain what you pay for when it comes to free. Free questions might not do any more than tell you that the answer is wrong. Many paid for questions and exams would be providing you with an explanation for the correct answer. This allows you to focus on your mistakes and understand the rationale it would have behind the right answer.

Mistake 4 – Not taking full-length practice exams

As you would have probably acquired the knowledge regarding the PMP exam, which is about four hours in length and consisting of 200 questions, you must be aware of how much practice you will need. Don’t be scared, but looking at the math, that is about 1.2 minutes per question. If you are like the ones working towards their PMP certification, it might have been some time since you have appeared for a four-hour exam.

Mistake 5 – Not fully understanding the formulas

Formulas are a large part of project management and the PMP exam. For the PMP exam, you would be required the knowledge and understand some of the more commonly utilized formulas such as cost variance and schedule variance. Some of the lesser-known recipes like to complete the performance index.

Now that you have learned about all the mistakes, you must avoid them, and also you should obtain the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps to acquire success in your first attempt.

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