One way of staying competitive in your profession is to prove your in-depth knowledge and expertise. In the field of information technology, you can always verify your qualification by getting ISACA certification. Among the certifications that ISACA offers are Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM), Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), and Certified in Risk and Information Control (CRISC).

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ISACA has a global reach, and one that got a certification from the organization can find a job in any part of the world. You can apply for any of these certificates, depending on your specialized field.

How to Get ISACA Certification

To get an ISACA certification, one must pass the corresponding exam first. The test will gauge the extent of your knowledge and skills in your field. ISACA offers boot camps in preparation for the exam. However, if your time to study is limited, it might be best for you to register for our SPOTO online training certification courses and get study materials with practice tests. The questions and answers are 100% valid, real, and updated. Our SPOTO dumps would help you pass the CISA certification exam without spending months reviewing for the test. The same is true when you take the test for the CISM certificationSPOTO has all the best study materials for these ISACA certification exams. 

Passing the CISA exam proves that you have the knowledge and skills to detect an attack from inside and outside of the organization. The certificate qualifies you as someone that understands the importance of IT governance. It gives you knowledge on how to choose and maintain software. Besides passing the exam, you need to have five years of work experience, three years of working. The other two years may come from years spent taking a related course in a university that uses ISACA modules or a master’s degree in IT or information security.

The CISA exam comprises 150 questions that cover the Process of Auditing System, Management and Governance of IT, Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation, Information Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Service Management, and Protection of Information Assets.

Another in-demand ISACA certification is the Certificate in Information Systems Management or CISM diploma. Being in charge of Cyber Security brings an excellent salary. Jobs that will be open to you when you have the certificate are security architect and Chief Information Security Officer. The certification validates your knowledge and skills in security and applies that knowledge and skills to an absolute government or business organization.

The CISM certification exam has 150 questions divided into four areas. These areas are Information Security Governance, Information Risk Management, Information Security Program Development and Management, and Information Security Incident Management. 

You will need to have five years of experience doing information security work and three years of information security management. CISA or CISSP certificate holders may take off several years from the requirement for CISM. A master’s degree may substitute a few years of work experience. 

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