F5 Networks’ is considered to be well-known for its software and appliance-based cloud and secure application services solutions, based on the Company’s BIG-IP product suite. F5’s flagship solution is believed to be their BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager. Although they aren’t a dominant networking player such as Cisco, F5 does have a stable position in enterprise customers.

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They would be claiming that 49 of the Fortune 50 companies utilize F5 solutions. The Company also enjoys a relationship which is complementary with a number of the ‘800-pound gorillas’, consisting of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, and VMware.

Like lots of major IT vendors, F5 is a firm supporter of certification programs as a way for ensuring that customers, as well as channel partners, have access to a pool of IT professionals who are certified with F5 with the proficiency assured for designing, building, deploying, and managing F5-based solutions.

Before we discuss the F5 201 Exam passing tips, you must first learn about which Certification this exam works for. Let’s have a brief look at it. This exam is associated with the F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator Certification, otherwise known as F5-CA Certification.

F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA) certification is formulated for IT professionals tasked to handle the day-to-day management of an F5 ADN (Application Delivery Network). It would also serve as the foundation for all of F5’s higher-level technical certifications and validate the candidate’s understanding of the skills and topics.

Earning the F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator, otherwise known as F5-CA, would require you to pass two exams:
· Exam 101: Application Delivery Fundamentals
· Exam 201: TMOS Administration.

Let’s have an overview of the Exam 201 – TMOS Administration, and do remember if you wish to crack it in a single attempt, you must obtain the SPOTO F5 Exam Dumps.

Exam 201–TMOS Administration

This is considered the second and final exam required to be completed successfully by candidates who wish to obtain the status of F5 Certified Administrator, BIG IP. Clearing this exam shows independence in performing routine operations and basic troubleshooting of TMOS-based devices in multiple application environments after it would have been installed, configured, and implemented. Individuals might choose to complete their certification journey here or move on to pursuing the Technical Professional, Cloud, Technical Specialist, or Security Solutions certification tracks.

Summary description of the QMC (minimally qualified candidate)

The QMC is considered capable of performing routine operations of TMOS-based devices that have already been installed. The QMC would also be proficient in fundamental troubleshooting of a TMOS-based machine for providing full, accurate, and appropriate information to senior engineers and F5 Support.

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