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1.After logging into a web application, additional authentication is required at various application points. Which of the following is the PRIMARY reason for such an approach?
A.To implement a challenge-response test
B.To support strong two-factor authentication protocols
C.To meet single sign-on authentication standards
D.To ensure access rights meet classification requirements

2.The BEST way to minimize errors in the response to an incident is to:
A.analyze the situation during the incident.
B.follow standard operating procedures.
C.reference system administration manuals.
D.implement vendor recommendations.

3. An organization is considering a self-service solution for the deployment of virtualized development servers. Which of the following should be the information security manager’s PRIMARY concern?
A.Segregation of servers from the production environment
B.Ability to remain current with patches
C.Generation of excessive security event logs
D.Ability to maintain server security baseline

4.Which of the following is the BEST way to align security and business strategies?
A.Integrate information security governance into corporate governance.
B.Develop a balanced Scorecard for security.
C.Include security risk as part of corporate risk management.
D.Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for business through security processes.

5.Which of the following would be MOST helpful to reduce the amount of time needed by an incident response team to determine appropriate actions?
A.Providing annual awareness training regarding incident response for team members
B.Rehearsing incident response procedures, roles, and responsibilities
C.Defining incident severity levels during a business impact analysis (BIA)
D.Validating the incident response plan against industry best practices

6.An information security manager is implementing controls to protect the organization’s data. The FIRST step in this process should be to:
A.implement access controls.
B.monitor access to the data.
C.classify the data.
D.encrypt the data.

7.Which of the following should be the PRIMARY consideration for an information security manager when designing security controls for a newly acquired business application?
A.The IT security architecture framework
B.Known vulnerabilities in the application
C.Business processes supported by the application
D.Cost-benefit analysis of current controls

8.Which of the following would provide the BEST justification for a new information security investment?
A.Results of a comprehensive threat analysis
B.Projected reduction in risk
C.Senior management involvement in project prioritization
D.Defined key performance indicators (KPIs)

9.Which of the following is the BEST way to prevent segregation of duties violations?
A.Enable data encryption with strong keys.
B.Implement an identity management system.
C.Review access logs for violations.
D.Implement role-based access.

10.The PRIMARY purpose of a risk assessment is to enable business leaders to:
A.make informed decisions.
B.define key risk indicators (KRIs).
C.manage information security expenditures.
D.align information security to business objectives.

11.Which of the following is the MOST effective way to ensure the information security risk associated with third-party services is addressed?
A.Perform a risk assessment on the services.
B.Include appropriate security requirements in the contract.
C.Provide security awareness training to third-party employees.
D.Conduct a security test of the services prior to implementation.

12.The integration of information security risk management processes within corporate risk management processes will MOST likely result in:
A.information security controls that reduce enterprise risk.
B.improved efficiencies of security operations.
C.more effective security risk management processes.
D.senior management approval of the information security budgets.

13.Which of the following is the BEST indication of an effective information security program?
A.Policies and standards are developed.
B.Risk is treated to an acceptable level.
C.Policies are approved by senior management.
D.Key risk indicators (KRIs) are established.

14.Which of the following is MOST important for an information security manager to consider when developing a new information security policy?
A.Information security budget allocation.
B.Organizational goals and objectives.
C.Organizational culture and complexity.
D.Alignment with industry standards.

15.A business unit has updated its long-term business plan to include a strategy of upgrading information management systems to increase productivity. To support this initiative, what should be the PRIMARY basis for updating the corresponding information security strategy?
A.The IT strategy.
B.The information security framework.
C.The business strategy.
D.IT risk assessment results.

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