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1.A project manager realizes that there may be a potential conflict of interest due to a stakeholder’s relationship with a key supplier. What should the project manager do?
A.Remove the stakeholder from the project and update the stakeholder register.
B.Ask the stakeholder to refrain from using any influence that may negatively or positively impact the project.
C.Advise the stakeholder to resign from the project.
D.Report the conflict to the project sponsor and ask for advice.

2. A product installed early in a project is the incorrect size. A change was approved to replace the product during a planned production stoppage. However, the stoppage date was too soon to allow for the procurement of a new product. Instead, the team installs a revised product found internally at a lower cost.
What should the project manager do?
A.Advise the client on the benefits and impacts of keeping or replacing the product, then document the client’s decision.
B.Document the change to the revised product and cost per the change management process.
C.Submit a change request to replace the product with one that meets the client’s specifications.
D.Gather the team to reinforce the agreed-upon change management process to ensure that no similar changes occur in the future.

3.A senior executive, who has not been identified as a stakeholder, asks a team member for project information. The team member informs the project manager.
What should the project manager do?
A.Update the stakeholder register to include the senior executive.
B.Provide the information to the senior executive.
C.Revise the communications management plan.
D.Conduct a status meeting with stakeholders.

4.A project manager identifies a risk that a product could endanger its users. A risk response has been proposed that will decrease the product ROI by 10 percent, but the project will still meet financial requirements.
What should the project manager do?
A.Transfer the risk to the user so it does not affect the project.
B.Accept the risk and use any remaining funding from the project to deal with the consequences.
C.Mitigate the risk by adding warning labels to the product.
D.Avoid the risk because endangering users will expose the company to negative publicity.

5.A project manager joins a project that is located in a city far from corporate headquarters. The project manager is struggling to find the right people within the company to relocate and design the first draft for the client.
What should the project manager do?
A.Revisit the team charter.
B.Review the resource management plan.
C.Assign virtual team members.
D.Outsource the staffing process.

6.A project manager is leading a team of 70 people from 22 cities and six countries. Four months into project execution, the project manager realizes that several team members are not attending project update meetings.
What should the project manager do to resolve this?
A.Explain the importance of attending project update meetings to the project team.
B.Split the team into smaller groups and set different meeting times for each.
C.Hold individual meetings with team members and reschedule meeting times for better attendance.
D.Reschedule the meeting times so that they occur during business hours for most team members.

7.Faulty vendor-supplied parts must be returned and reordered. Based on previous experiences with this vendor, the project team had already identified this as a risk.
What should the project manager do to record this?
A.Issue a change request to implement the contingency plan
B.Update the quality checklist.
C.Update the risk register.
D.Revise the vendor’s contract.

8. During a project a business need changes and the project is canceled. The project manager meets with project team members to collect information learned during the project
Where should this information be documented?
A.Issue log
B.Organizational process assets
C.Enterprise environmental factors
D.Status report

9.What tool should the project manager use to demonstrate to the customer that the final product meets the business needs?
A.Work breakdown structure
B.Project scope statement
C.Requirements traceability matrix
D.Project management plan

10.When a procurement contract is terminated, what should a project manager do first?
A.Advise the project sponsor
B.Conduct a procurement audit.
C.Create the procurement file.
D.Update the lessons learned.

11.A senior manager asks a team member for a quick update on the project’s progress. The team member redirects the senior manager to the project manager to ensure that the information being relayed is accurate and appropriate for this manager to receive.
What document dictated this team member’s action?
A.Responsible, accountable, consult, and inform (RACI) matrix
B.Communications management plan
C.Stakeholder register
D.Previous week’s meeting minutes

12.A project manager is receiving new scope demands from multiple sources. What should the project manager use to properly address these requests?
A.Project management plan updates
B.Work performance reports
C.Perform integrated change control process
D.Project document updates

13.During a project meeting, a stakeholder disagrees with a key deliverable and project milestone listed in the approved project charter. What should the project manager have done to prevent this?
A.Engaged the stakeholder earlier
B.Classified stakeholders using a power/interest grid
C.Met more frequently with the stakeholder
D.Conducted a thorough stakeholder analysis

14.An experienced project manager is assigned to a project that could fail to meet its goals and objectives. What should the project manager do to decrease the likelihood of this happening?
A.Actively manage stakeholder involvement.
B.Review change control procedures.
C.Manage quality
D.Regularly update lessons learned communications.

15.A customer’s requested design change is approved by the change control board (CCB). The project manager then discovers that the change will cause a three-month project delay.
What should the project manager have done to avoid this?
A.Increased the authorized budget, and requested additional resources
B.Redefined the project scope to include the new design
C.Fast tracked and crashed the schedule
D.Thoroughly assessed the request in accordance with the risk management plan

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