There are five fundamental Cisco commands that every Cisco network administrator would be required to know. These are quite resourceful commands that could be implemented on a Cisco router to gather necessary information and save changes quickly. Considering adding these commands to your Cisco commands cheat sheet to reference them when you would be working on your Cisco router.

If you would be new to Cisco networking, these are considered significant commands for memorizing. If you would be an experienced administrator, you might enjoy a refresher on a few of these commands. Before we discuss it further, you should obtain the SPOTO Cisco Exam Dumps to get success.

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IOS command No.1: Show running-config

Probably the most useful of all the Cisco show commands would be showing the running-config. With this command, you would be able to observe the router’s entire active configuration—every order you have typed. Every default command would be applied. All this great information would be available with a single IOS command. It is quite simple. You could observe the IP addresses, interfaces, passwords, which are in the exact text, routing protocols, and other settings. This command could only be utilized in Privileged EXEC mode.

IOS command No.2: Show IP interface brief

We mentioned that the show interfaces command would provide you a lot of useful information about all your router’s interfaces. Sometimes you wish to have precise, specific information for answering the questions: Is the interface up? What would be the IP addresses assigned to the interfaces? The show IP interface brief command provides you the answers to these questions and is considered to be the best summary of the status, protocol, and IP addresses of your interfaces. This command could be utilized in both User EXEC and Privileged EXEC mode.

IOS command No.3: Show IP route

Routers learn about networks, either dynamically or statically, and save the best path for those networks in their routing table. Once you regain the knowledge that your interfaces are up and have held your configuration, you wish to verify that your router has convergence, which means that your router has accurate information regarding the network reachability. The show IP route command displays every known connected and destination network, the method utilized for learning about these networks, the next-hop IP address, and the local interface used to acquire each known destination network. This command could be used in both User-EXEC and Privileged EXEC mode.

IOS command No.4: Copy running-config startup-config

Once you should make changes to the router’s configuration, it is essential to remember to save those changes. This command would be coping the active running-config in RAM that you would have modified for the startup-config in flash memory. By copying the configuration into flash, it would be saved when the router is considered restarted and powered off. This command could only be utilized in Privileged EXEC mode.

IOS command No.5: Show interfaces

It is considered crucial for knowing what type of interfaces are on your router, vital statistics about those interfaces, and whether they are up or down. The show interfaces command is considered a very lengthy authority that provides a lot of output. You might have to pick through that output to find what you would be looking for; just about everything for doing with interfaces is shown in the output from this command, for instance, interface type, speed, IP address, and errors on the interface. This command could be utilized in both User EXEC as well as Privileged EXEC mode.

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