With over 750,000 professionals certified with Project Management Professional or PMP certification across the globe, the diploma’s popularity is relatively straightforward, but what exactly would be the PMP certification?

The short answer would be that it is considered a professional certification provided by the PMI (Project Management Institute). According to research from PMI, the industry of project management only stands to grow in the 2020s.

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Check out the following project management career statistics:

  • The project management-oriented labor force in seven project-oriented sectors would be predicted to advance by 33 percent by 2027, which is about 22 million new jobs.
  •  By 2027, employers will require about 88 million individuals to fill in the roles of project management.
  •  Talent shortages in project management could create risks of up to US$208 billion in GDP across 11 countries through 2027.

In other words, demand for PMPs (project management professionals) is growing.

The need for more PMPs doesn’t necessarily mean there is going to be no competition, however. It would be natural for aspiring project managers to wish to look for ways to differentiate them in the job market, and gain a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute is considered one of the most efficient ways to do that.

While there would be many more PMP-certified project managers today than there would be just a few years ago, a project management professional certification is still considered a mark of distinction. Suppose you would be wondering whether getting a PMP certification would be able to improve your prospects.

In that case, It is considered crucial for you to understand what you are going to need to do for earning one and weigh the time and effort against the potential benefits in salary and opportunities.

What’s involved in acquiring a PMP Certification?

Perhaps the most important thing for you to understand about the PMP certification process is that it isn’t going to be intended for new college graduates or other project management rookies. Instead, it would be designed for those with substantial experience in the project management field who wish to advance their careers.

Higher Salary

In most cases, your earning potential will increase significantly once you could put PMP after your name. A recent PMI project management salary that would be surveyed indicated that certified project managers average 20 percent more than the non-certified counterparts.

Better Opportunities

PMP certification would also put you in the running for higher-profile and more exciting projects and could be able to improve your chances of getting hired by one of the increasing numbers of organizations that would be considering the certification on a resume a prerequisite for a project management role.

Improved Skill Set

In the long term, the most significant benefit of certification might show itself in your performance of the job. The knowledge you would gain by studying for the PMP exam and earning your ongoing professional development units will make it easier for you to lead your teams through complicated projects.

So, is PMP certification worth it?

In the end, figuring out whether the PMP certification is worth it would depend on your unique circumstances. If you are attracted to higher salaries and wish to have a career in Project Management, you must acquire this certification. For that, your best choice would be the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps. These dumps are created by the experts present at SPOTO with experience of about 17 years.

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