Microsoft is considered to be one of the strongest names in the world of cloud computing. The cloud service platform of Microsoft, Azure, would be one of the market leaders in cloud computing and AWS and Google Cloud.

Therefore, the demand for Azure certifications is considered to be always high. One of the most recently launched certification exams would be the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 that is deemed to be quite ideal for Microsoft Azure Security Engineer’s role.

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Many sources on the internet would be able to help the candidates in the AZ-500 exam preparation. However, the following discussion wouldn’t aim to illustrate every detail of the exam to support your practice. The debate could be serving as a guiding path for you to begin preparation immediately for the examination.

So, let us get started!

  • Detailed Guide for AZ-500 Exam Preparation

We would have reflected on essential information on the AZ-500 exam till now in this discussion. So, it would be best if you went through the preparation guide for the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam. The preparation guide is an example of best practices for obtaining the most from your efforts in the AZ-500 exam preparation. Without any further delay, let us begin the preparation guide.

  • Visit the official AZ-500 exam page

The first place you are required to go after deciding to take the AZ-500 certification exam would be the AZ-500 official page. You could have access the page from the official Microsoft website by browsing through the azure certifications available.

The official page would be giving out the trustworthy as well as updated information about the exam. Candidates would be able to find pricing details, eligibility criteria, exam objectives, and prerequisites for the exam on the official page. Therefore, the official AZ-500 page on the Microsoft website is considered an ideal place to begin your AZ-500 exam preparation.

  • Review the exam blueprint carefully

The next step would be to deal with the exam objectives of Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500. Candidates should understand the exam blueprint properly for a reliable impression of different modules in the exam. Furthermore, the exam blueprint could also help find out the weight of other modules in the exam’s questions.

  • Choose the right learning resources

Study materials, as well as resources, are the next paramount concern for your AZ-500 exam preparation. Candidates are required to obtain knowledge that Microsoft’s official website is considered to be quite a great source of whitepapers and learning resources. You would be able to get the documents on Microsoft website for each subtopic in the AZ-500 certification exam’s various sectors.

  • Evaluate your preparation

The final recommendation for your AZ-500 certification preparation would involve the practice tests. Practice tests would be supporting the trial of a candidate by offering the experience of a real examination.

Candidates are required to attempt many practice tests to improve their confidence for appearing for the review. Also, you would be able to learn time management for the AZ-500 exam with the practice tests.

Practice tests would be able to provide quick results and detailed reports of the candidate’s performance. As a result, you would be able to find out your areas of strengths and weaknesses in different AZ-500 domains. So, you would be able to acquire the knowledge of your setbacks in advance and work on improving them before the examination.

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