CCNA is the primary IT certification course offered by Cisco for those IT professionals working in the networking field. It covers and validates its necessary networking skills. Upon completion of this job, the IT professionals can easily demonstrate to their employers that they know how to reinforce Cisco concepts into the networking field. In short, anyone can get into an entry-level IT networking job after completing this IT certification.

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Now to understand the SDN, consider there are only two technical functions in the IT networking field. One is programming, and the other one is handling the whole networking devices physically. So the SDN relates to the programming skills which enable any individual to communicate with the Cisco devices.

Therefore, it is beneficial to study SDN if any individual is in the networking field, irrespective of whether he holds any Cisco certification.

SDN stands for Software Defined Network, and besides Cisco, many other vendors have also started deploying this software-based integration to streamline their production efficiency and communicating with them quickly.

However, this automation is still in progress, which means understanding SDN can be a plus for any CCNA. It would always be much better to get certified in any higher-level IT certification course offered by Cisco.

This will allow the individual to get more prominent among the other peers, and it will boost their skills. They can then use these higher-level Cisco IT certs to get promoted in higher-level ranks and earn more money.

In short, many arguments are supporting both the two theories of getting certified with one more additional Cisco technical certification over learning SDN. But still, the popularity of the SDN is getting fame every year as more developments are underway.

The reason behind the SDN popularity boost is also because of some limitations to traditional networking. Conventional networking uses a distributed model where protocols like ARP, EIGRP, STP, etc., can be run separately on every network device, making these networking devices independent to communicate without any central device having control over the entire network.

Using an SDN controller, the whole network can be controlled and monitored according to the vendor’s requirement.

Meanwhile, the SDN and CCNA, when combined with the skills of any IT professional working in the networking field, can be beneficial to the individual, so it will be a good idea first to get CCNA certified.

Then, going through the SDN and taking the skills to the next level by getting other Cisco IT certifications that no doubt requires some real hard work and preparation and proper planning.

The individuals will then have to stick with a proper road map to plan for their whole career lead through all the Cisco IT certification courses. Cisco Exam dumps can be used as an additional supplement in learning and efficiently acquiring the skills while practicing SPOTO Cisco practice tests.

These exam dumps and practice tests can be available all over the internet. However, the SPOTO Cisco practice tests are already being prepared by the Cisco certified trainers, and practicing them ensures passing any of the Cisco exams in the first attempt.

Therefore, concluding to the end, it is easy to ascertain that the IT professionals can boost their skills using IT certification courses, which have become mandatory for these individuals to showcase their talent by becoming certified from globally reputed technology giants like Cisco, Google, Amazon, RedHat, etc. Those who prefer becoming certified get selected by the employers over their non IT certified peers.

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