Despite what you may have heard, CISA and CISM tests are equipped with a variety of labor. CISA is aimed at IT staff and reviewers, while CISM is aimed at IT, security directors, and data compromise directors.

CISA is regarded as the confirmation of standard IT framework inspectors. CISM is half or even more critical ability of individuals who need to be transformed into data security committee experts.

CISA is used to inspect professionals, but, as ISACA pointed out, “CISM is used” surpasses expert centers. Still, its focus is not on experts or expert capabilities and those who have moved on to the center, managing corporate data security plans.

A set of CISA job responsibilities may include money or bookkeeping, although a group of CISM job responsibilities may include planning for the board of directors or data validation.

Domain comparison

The domain information about CISA and CISM focuses on data security, but there is an essential contrast. Although CISA experts guarantee data security control, CISM still guarantees “risk” data security certification.

This is a quick correlation between the two.


  • Domain 1: The process of reviewing information systems 
  • Domain 2: IT governance and management
  • Domain 3: Acquisition, development, and implementation of information systems
  • Domain 4: Information system operation, maintenance, and service management
  • Domain 5: Protection and information assets


  • Domain 1: Information Security Governance
  • Domain2: Information Risk Management
  • Domain 3: Development and management of information security plans
  • Domain 4: Information Security Incident Management

Salary comparison between CISA and CISM

According to a new report by, the average income of the opposite of CISA certification is US$116,431 per year. The annual income of CISM experts is $117,436.

CISA certification exam requirements:

To stand out in the CISA certification test, in any case, budding people need five years of expert work insight to evaluate, control, or obtain data frames. There are also some alternatives.

The CISA study cycle can include:

Taking CISA survey courses.

Trying online courses or using products.

  • Reviewing manuals and study guides.

After certification, it is also necessary to ensure that CISA agrees to information security standards.

CISM certification exam requirements:

Before participating in the CISM test, the advanced person is required to follow the ISACA timetable rules. He/she needs to conduct a confirmation test online, and in any case, should participate in the area’s five-year plan data security. CISM also requires five years of expert experience.

ISACA reports that although 129,000 experts have obtained CISA certification, approximately 32,000 experts have obtained CISM certification.

Nevertheless, suppose you have little chance of working in the field of assessment, consistency, and certainty, or you want to develop a profession in the area of IT inspection. In that case, CISA is more suitable for you.

Plan to know your experts in the IT driving situation, and stipulate that you have to have both at the same time. These affirmations can help them better understand these two areas and establish the information authority required at this level.


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