CCIE Data Center Certification is the most outstanding certification among distinguished and recognized data center certifications. Experts certified of the CCIE Data Center certification are identified in a specific position of authority because they are specialists in the latest technologies and proven methodology. Cisco CCIE Data Center certification is considered the high-quality IT expert who can perform, support, and manage composite data center environments. The scope of CCIE Data Center certifications is recognized in the real world as being quite huge! Refer to SPOTO 100% latest CCIE Data Center exam dumps and training courses to help you pass your exam on the first try!

Highlights of New Data Center Certification

  • CCIE Data Center v3.0 certification will be the replacement of the current v2.1 certification
  • DCCOR 350 – 601 exam where you will get specialist certification (core certification) will replace CCIE Data Center v2.1 written exam

Why Get the CCIE Data Center Certification?

  • Advances in networking technology require candidates to possess a high level of technical competence and knowledge of networking
  • The CCIE Data Center candidates are qualified to meet this requirement
  • The certification prepares them for leadership roles
  • Candidates can leverage evolving technologies and deep domain expertise
  • They can meet the requirements of a business that relies on an agile IT infrastructure

In addition, advanced skills are the focus:

  • Expert level job roles
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity
  • Fabric infrastructure
  • Storage networking and compute
  • Network services
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Programmability

The CCIE Data Center Certification program also adds an understanding of evolving technologies. Applicants learn their impact on architectural frameworks, deployment models, implementation, and operations.

Prerequisites for CCIE Data Center Certification

While there are no formal prerequisites for this certification, candidates must fully understand the exam topics and have at least 5-8 years of experience. No other training courses or professional certification programs are required. Instead, applicants must first pass the CCIE Data Center Qualification Exam and then the corresponding CCIE Data Center Practical Exam.

CCIE Data Center Qualification Exam (DCCOR 350 – 601): This is a 2-hour qualifying exam, which is designed to test your skills and knowledge of implementing core data center technologies such as storage networking, networking, automation, security, computing, etc. The exam covers concepts and equipment commands regards to data center network infrastructure.

CCIE Data Center v3.0 Lab Exam: CCIE Data Center Lab includes two modules. The first module is a 3-hour design component, and the second module will cover deployment, operations, and optimization for a 5-hour exam. Automation and programmability are integral parts of both modules, and questions will be asked based on the exam topics. The exam tests candidates’ skills in designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing complex networks.

CCIE Data Center Exam Tips

However, earning the Cisco Data Center exam is a tough nut to crack, and you must be well prepared to pass it on the first try. The followings are a few tips to prepare for the Cisco Data Center exam:

1. Know whether you are a perfect applicant

Your first step should consider whether you are an excellent fit to attempt the Cisco CCIE Data Center certification exam. The Data Center certification is designed for experienced networking professionals or applicants who know of other networking technologies. Therefore, to earn the Data Center certification, you must have a deep understanding of the real-time utility of the technology.

Your understanding of the real-time use of the technology will ease your preparation process and help you become a master.

2. Have a deep understanding of networking fundamentals

If you are the perfect applicant, you need to find the best study material in your journey to prepare for the Cisco CCIE Data Center exam.

To gain a broad understanding of data center technologies, you must have a deep knowledge of networking fundamentals. Therefore, it is recommended to improve your basic knowledge and have a deep understanding of it. Keep in mind that these fundamentals will build the pillars and will go a long way in helping you become an expert in DC technology.

3. Expand your practical skills

The CCIE Data Center exam is not only about theoretical knowledge but will also assess your practical networking skills. Therefore, you should learn the valuable utility of the technology. After completing your studies, practice a lot in the lab to gain practical networking skills. Rigorous lab exercises will help you understand the practical application of the technology and have a thorough understanding of the theoretical concepts.

4. Practice tests are a must

If you have learned the CCIE Data Center topics and gained practical skills, you should check your knowledge of DC technologies. Therefore, it is recommended to take a practice test, which will give you two benefits. First, it will help you revise your learning. Second, you will see how much knowledge you have acquired during your preparation and the topics that need more attention.


Earning any Cisco certification is good for gaining a significant impact on your resume to influence your potential employers and explain why you are more proficient than other job seekers. With the CCIE Data Center certification, you can perform a critical role for the organization that utilizes it. Actual CCIE Data Center exam dumps and questions offered at SPOTO ensure you can pass CCIE Data Center exams quickly and easily.

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