There are many job opportunities available for professionals who are skilled in managing wireless solutions. Wireless solutions are ubiquitous in business organizations. You must highlight your strengths in a positive way if you want to make yourself known as a promising professional. CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification focuses on core technical domains and validates any candidate’s end-to-end lifecycle expertise in a multifaceted wireless network. This covers all phases of the wireless network’s design, planning, operation, and optimization.

To earn this expert-level badge, you must pass two exams, including a passing core test and a hands-on lab exam. These two CCIE training exams focus on core knowledge of enterprise wireless technologies. It is recommended that you take the written exam before attempting the practice exam. SPOTO offers 100% accurate CCIE Enterprise Wireless exam dumps, CCIE online training, and service packages to help you earn your CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification in the shortest time.

Below are the details of the two exams you need to pass to earn the CCIE certification.

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Core Exam Overview

350-401 ENCOR is the qualifying written exam to earn the CCIE Enterprise Wireless certificate. The main focus of the exam is knowledge about enterprise networking solutions. This exam will award you an expert certification, which will further approve you to take the next exam. This 120-minute exam is available both in Japanese and English. Visit the Pearson VUE website and pay $400 to apply for it. To pass the certification exam, you must master the following domains:

  • Virtualization: 10%
  • Architecture: 15%
  • Infrastructure: 30%
  • Automation: 15%
  • Security: 20%
  • Network Assurance: 10%

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Lab Exam Overview

CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 is an 8-hour lab exam designed to assess your practical skills in planning, designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing multifaceted wireless networks. In this lab exam, you should explore domains such as enterprise wired campuses and wireless networks, wireless identity and security management, RF and standards, assurance, wireless business services and applications, analytics, and automation. But you don’t have to worry. You only need to demonstrate competency in the subject areas before you attempt this exam. You will not be permitted to use any other reference materials because it is a closed book exam.

The main objectives covered within this practical exam domain are highlighted below:

  • Radio frequencies and standards: 15%
  • Enterprise Wired Campuses: 10%
  • Enterprise Wireless Networks: 25%
  • Wireless Security and Identity Management: 20%
  • Wireless Business Applications and Services: 20%
  • Analytics, Automation, and Assurance: 10%

There are no specific official training courses for this exam. However, you have access to the SPOTO Practice Lab. Therefore, go through the main domains and use SPOTO best learning resources for your preparation process.

To obtain the CCIE certification, it is essential to pass both exams.

Prerequisites Required for Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification

For pursuing CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification, there are no official prerequisites. However, applicants should have five to seven years of experience designing, developing, managing, and optimizing enterprise wireless technologies and solutions. In addition, they should have a good grasp of the exam objectives and develop hands-on skills in these topics.

Recertification of Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification

Your CCIE certification is valid for three years, and you must recertify your certification before the three years get lapse. Recertification is a complete process of the Cisco certification program. There are many ways you can recertify your CCIE certification. For example, you can pass an expert-level certification exam, take any CCIE lab exam, pass three professional-level concentration exams, or tackle a technical core exam and a professional concentration exam. In addition, the continuing education program is taking online training or attending a Cisco live conference to renew your certification by earning 120 continuing education credits. All of these measures can be used for recertification.


It is crucial to understand the details of these prerequisite tests before attempting them. If you still have some questions, you can visit SPOTO for more information about the testing policies, recertification process, etc. The more you know about the test you should pass, the easier it will be for you during your preparation. Of course, mastering the topics is even more critical, so don’t neglect thorough study. SPOTO extensive study materials can help you pass these tests with high scores and become a certified and in-demand expert in the field.

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