Rita Mulcahy’s History

Rita was a trainer and consultant at the time. Rita encountered many people who had difficulty grasping project management concepts and pass the PMP® Exam. So, she wrote a book called PMP® Exam Prep. Her primary motivation for writing books was to make concepts easier to understand. She is the author of the best-selling book PMP® Exam Prep and over a dozen self-study resources. She has trained thousands of project managers every year in more than 30 countries.

Rita Mulcahy died on May 15, 2010, at the age of 50. She was an author and speaker in Project Management. She was involved in more than $2.5 billion of projects during her 15-year career. She was also an internationally respected expert on project management techniques, advanced project management theory, risk management, and the Project Management Professional Exam.

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What Will This Material Do to Help You Better Understand The Concepts?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is one of the most sought-after and highly respected certifications worldwide. The primary textbook officially offered by PMI is the PMBOK 6th Edition Guide (hereafter referred to as PMBOK 6th Edition). Most PMP training organizations use this textbook as their primary learning material. However, we recommend that you use it as reference material. Use “PMP Exam Prep Book – 9th Edition by Rita Mulcahy Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as PMP Rita 9th Edition) as your primary study material. There are many reasons why we say this.

Many institutes use PMBOK 6th edition for the following reasons:

1. This is the main textbook.
2. Each PMP candidate receives a PDF version protected by password from PMI as part of their paid PMI membership
3. Even its hard copy is offered at less than half the price compared to its MRP of $99.
4. Alternatives to PMP aspirants require more effort and investment

Why PMBOK 6th Is Not Recommended as Primary Study Material?

1. It is a kind of a Bible of Project Management and not just for any particular certification course. It serves as the primary textbook for other PMI offerings other than PMP. It is not intended to be used as study material for PMP.
2. For a beginner in Project Management, understanding the concepts can be difficult.
3. You will not find any practical examples, activities, or questions. It is a theoretical text. Sometimes, this is why it might be difficult for some people to crack PMP.
4. Even for experienced professionals, preparing on this basis may be a troublesome goal because they cannot maintain interest in this book and complete it.
5. There are many explanations that aren’t detailed and many inbuilt assumptions, which the PMP aspirant must figure out.
6. All of the above causes PMP candidates to refer to multiple books, which is another mistake.

A PMP candidate will make a massive commitment to time and effort due to the many challenges mentioned. But, unfortunately, many PMP aspirants quit halfway through, stating that they couldn’t commit as much effort and time while working.

PMP is not rocket science. However, the smart study can help you crack it. You can prepare smartly by finding an alternative that solves the above problems. Spending a little extra money to save a lot of time is something many people don’t understand and fall into the trap of choosing a cheaper but least effective option that ends up taking more than twice as much time and effort. People need to understand that high quality does come at a higher cost. But the rewards or savings are also high. Therefore, in the case of PMP, the higher the return on investment, the better.

When one begins to search for an alternative, much focus on PMP exam preparation, and attempt to replace the main textbook, the PMP Rita 9 is one of the most effective guides that address all of the above problems.

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Benefits Brought by PMP Rita 9th Edition

1. Easy understanding
2. Higher confidence to pass the Exam
3. Increased chances of cracking PMP in the first attempt (This reduces the high cost of repeated attempts).
4. Save time & effort in PMP Preparation (Intangible benefit)
5. This book is self-sufficient for cracking PMP and can avoid referring to other study materials
6. understand the practical application of the theoretical concepts learned from this course

PMP Rita 9th Edition is available in various formats:

• Hard Copy Book
• Abridged
• Abridged – Downloadable
• Cloud-Based Subscription (6 or 12 Months Subscription)

Amazon, eBay, or other stores may only have limited stock.

Other Books:

• The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try – Andy Crowe, PMP
• Head First PMP: A Brain-Friendly Guide – Jennifer Greene, PMP & Andrew Stellman, PMP

Experts have published many online reviews and comparisons on the best book for PMP preparation. After reading these blogs and articles, PMP Rita 9th Edition is still the best-recommended book for PMP preparation.

The following is the outline of the PMP® Rita Mulcahy’s book:

• Information About PMP Exam
• Project Management Framework
• Project Management Processes
• Integration Management
• Scope Management
• Schedule Management
• Cost Management
• Quality Management
• Resources Management
• Communications Management
• Risk Management
• Procurement Management
• Stakeholder Management
• Professional and social responsibility

Check out These Tips for Passing the PMP Exam

1. Recognize that “rules” (what we believe should work best) are intended to be broken. Rules like what to do if there is a dispute can change depending upon the situation. This can drive some people frustrated, especially those who assume the Exam will test facts. The Exam requires you to read and understand the situation and then decide what to do. Many of the questions will be situational.

2. When reading a scenario question, pay attention to what part of the project it is taking place in. For example, if the situation described in the question occurs during project planning, your answer may differ from what happens during project execution.

3. Be prepared to respond to questions that have multiple problems. For example, a question may describe a situation with a variety of issues and ask you to determine which one to address first.


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