CCIE certification is the hardest and highest-paying IT certification around the world. Millions of networking hopefuls enroll to become CCIE certified experts each year, yet many drop out in the midway.

Without a doubt, the path to becoming a CCIE certified professional demands a significant amount of focus, commitment, and money. However, in addition to these three, you must take the necessary steps to achieve success.

We’ve discovered an important secret in the shape of the Top 9 strategies for passing CCIE examinations. Today, we’re going to expose that secret and walk you through the CCIE exam preparation process. Not only will we provide tips, but we will also discuss the dos and Don’ts that you must follow if you are pursuing CCIE tests in the latter half of the post.

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Tips for Passing the CCIE Exam on the First Attempt

Locate an Appropriate Cisco CCIE Training Institute

Choosing the Best CCIE Training Institute is a typical error made by millions of Cisco applicants. Bear in mind that practical training is the foundation for success. There are over 10,000 Cisco training businesses worldwide. However, only 4-5 of the most reputable companies can genuinely assist you in passing the CCIE lab exam. SPOTO has a first-time pass rate of over 90% for both the CCIE R&S and CCIE Security certifications.

We would like to offer the following five tactics to assist you in making an informed decision.

1. Trainers and Feedback: Only Cisco Certified CCIE Trainers provide instruction. They have passed this examination and have trained students on how to do so. Speak with their former pupils and solicit feedback on the training.

2. Laboratories and Equipment: Anyone involved in networking recognizes the critical nature of lab training – specifically, the proper lab training. You will be expected to practice in labs for at least 5-6 hours every day. Therefore, choose an institute of your choice but ensure that it has a lab equipped with the latest Cisco CCIE Routers, switches, and other devices.

3. Study Material: Before enrolling in any institute, ensure that they give you adequate study resources for CCIE Training.

4. 24*7 Lab Access and Guidance: 24*7 lab access and guidance are critical, as many students will already be actively practicing. You’ll need a rack free of distractions and interruptions to study and concentrate on. Additionally, the Lab Instructor must be available at all times so that you have the option of running to someone in case of doubts.

5. Post-Training Support: Someone must be available to walk you through any doubts you may have following the training. If your training is complete and after two weeks of practice, you discover a bug in your code. Whom would you seek assistance from? Therefore, ensure that you receive this help via Video Calls, Phone Calls, Messages, and Emails, among other methods.

Every Minute, Learn Alongside CCIE Candidates

To pass the CCIE Exams, you must devote more than 100 percent of your attention and dedication for a year. And to maintain focus over such an extended period, it’s critical to surround yourself with other CCIE aspirants. Plus, CCIE-certified trainers can not only answer your questions but also lead you through the process using their experience. If possible, form a group of four to five students committed to completing the CCIE lab exam in the same stream.

Conduct Mock Exams Before the Real One

After completing your CCIE training, you should conduct a quick review, brush up on your abilities, and sit for simulated CCIE tests. This will prepare you for questions and the practical examination.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice on Real-World Laboratory Infrastructure

Practice will ensure that you are fully prepared for the CCIE examinations. CCIE examinations last eight hours. That is why hands-on training on real devices is critical. Avoid using simulators for practicals; this is why picking a Cisco CCIE training facility with a robust lab infrastructure is vital.

Read Books, Cisco Documents, and Other Related Learning Materials

Rather than relying on a single book, read from a variety of sources. You can access Cisco documentation, press publications, RFCs, SPOTO workbooks and solutions, and online resources, among others.

Concentrate on Developing Expertise

CCIE is all about having a 360-degree understanding of technology. Indeed, CCIE examinations are meant to assess a candidate’s practical and theoretical knowledge. Thus, developing expertise in CCIE modules/configurations is critical; this can only be accomplished through daily training + hands-on practice with the same module. Ideally, you should spend at least 8-9 hours every day.

Re-read the Task Until It Is Complete

Never attempt to combine two tasks. When students take their CCIE lab exam for the first time, they frequently become apprehensive and overthink. It is recommended by leading CCIE Gurus and Lab Mentors that you concentrate entirely on that task when completing a job in your lab exam.

Stay Current with the Curriculum and Worksheets

While preparing for the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam, it is critical to stay current with the official Cisco curriculum and the latest practical workbooks. Because the CCIE syllabus is updated following technological advancements, it is essential to be familiar with the current advances in networking.

Time Management, Speed, and Familiar with References

You must possess practical technical abilities and exceptional speed to pass the CCIE lab examination on the first attempt. Due to the difficulty of the concepts and topologies, it is recommended to slowly and gradually increase your speed. Time management is critical during the exam, and because it is an open book exam, attendees must be familiar with the proper references for commands and instructions.

SPOTO provides instruction under all nine principles described above, explaining why we have the greatest CCIE first attempt success rate. Along with these CCIE exam tips, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts that candidates must follow.

Preparing for the CCIE Exam: What You Should Do —

  • Arrive at the examination center half an hour earlier; alternatively, you might locate the center a day in advance to avoid any last-minute snags.
  • Carefully read the questions and plan your strategy correctly.
  • Paying close attention to the proctor is also critical during exams.
  • Before exams, verify that all consoles are operational and that all devices are accessible and functional.
  • In the event of doubt, contact the proctor and explain the circumstance.

Preparing for the CCIE Exam: What You Should Not Do —

  • Do not freak; this is a challenging exam for everyone, and everyone gets apprehensive. Maintain a calm demeanor and give your all.
  • Don’t forget to save all changes you make, including configurations.
  • Avoid squandering time on lengthy breaks, lunches, and so forth. Each minute is critical.
  • Don’t simply concentrate on the theory; master the practical aspects of preparation as well.
  • Never use simulators for practicals during CCIE preparations; ALWAYS go for real-world setup.

We hope this helps a large number of CCIE aspirants. At SPOTO, guests focus on individual strategies, and we prepare them for the exam by administering many mock exams.

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