What is a PMP book, and how can it assist you in obtaining a PMP certificate?

If those questions occurred to you, you should read this article to better understand the PMP book’s context, as many project management practitioners demonstrate an interest in obtaining a PMP certificate.

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Should I study for the PMP exam with a PMP book?

There are numerous PMP books available through various means. These PMP books might aid learners in their exam preparation. While many of these PMP books are beneficial, they are not required for your study. On the other hand, it is still critical to have guided PMP preparation training and to use the PMP book as supplemental material. Before discussing various PMP book options, we will discuss the source of PMP knowledge to provide you with a clear picture of the source of all PMP book selections.

What are the PMP preparation books?

They are based on PMBOK, although they are more widely used than PMBOK due to their typically more straightforward language. Additionally, they generally are less complicated than PMBOK. Also, they contain numerous applications and explanations. Furthermore, they utilize models that might help learners grasp and comprehend the material.

What are the top 5 beginner PMP books? What are the criteria for selection?

As previously said, the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK, which is a massive collection of material that establishes the requirements for what a project manager should know. To maximize your chances of passing the PMP test, you must obtain a PMP introductory book with the PMBOK standards. Additionally, because PMBOK is updated regularly, exam prep books should be updated as well.

Selection criteria for the best PMP book

Any PMP book should provide the base of knowledge required to pass the PMP exam. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the best prep book for you.

Language easiness

The simpler the PMP book, the more accessible it is to the learner, as PMP books that employ sophisticated terminology and rigorous academic explanations are difficult to comprehend.

Learning style

A PMP book that takes a fresh and engaging approach may be just what you need to put everything into perspective. Others may want to convey facts in a dry manner. Alternatively, pictures and illustrations reinforced with puzzles and quizzes may be the difference between passing and failing on the first try. Your PMP book must be a good fit for your preferred learning method.

Covered topics

The PMP exam covers ten domains of knowledge and many ITTOs (input, tools, technology, and output). If you’re looking for a detailed study guide, this is not the book for you. Ascertain that the PMP book you are considering covers all of the required subjects.


A PMP book might cost less than $10 or more than $100. The primary distinction is in coverage. Finally, you’ll come across books that are narrowly focused on a specific area of knowledge, which may be all you need. You can purchase a comprehensive course on the more expensive end, which will almost certainly include online additional training material. However, most folks will discover the PMP prep book they require in the $40 to $60 area.

The Top 5 PMP Preparation Books

📚 1. PMP Book – Master of Project Academy’s PMP Prep Book

The majority of PMP books available cover theoretical project management concepts using traditional teaching approaches. When compared to other books on the market, you will notice that this one is distinctive. This is because the content of Master of Project Academy’s PMP® Prep Book has been organized in the manner of a simple project.

When studying PMP test topics, you will be able to see the practical applications of academic knowledge. This will aid in your comprehension of the PMP exam material’s intricacies. PMP Prep Book from Master of Project Academy can assist you in passing the PMP exam on your first attempt.

The following features distinguish the PMP ® Prep Book by Master of Project Academy:

  • Case studies from real-world projects
  • 100+ Must-Remember PMP® Exam Master Points
  • 100+ Flash Cards – Mapping Practice for critical concepts
  • 500+ PMP® Practice Questions – Comprehensive Answers & Rationales
  • 550+ page PMP eBook PDF immediately available after purchase!

Additionally, you should review the PMP Prep Book before making your purchase. Because, unlike other PMP book providers, Master of Project Academy gives you a complimentary sample PMP book.

📚 2. PMP Book – Rita Mulcahy PMP Book

Rita Mulcahy wrote this book in an unconventional tone that gives the impression she is speaking directly to you. While taking the test, you almost feel as if Rita is following you and ensuring that you remain vigilant. It’s fantastic. The PMP book’s lessons are linked with the PMBOK, and the chapter-ending questions are highly comparable to those on the exam. It’s well-organized, with excellent visual tools and explicit annotations for the critical information you’ll need for the exam. This book is an excellent resource for CAPM and PMP candidates.

📚 3. PMP Book – Andy Crowe’s How to Transfer Your First Experiment, Fourth Edition

Utilize this book to get proficiency in calculating earned value. Learn the equations in the PMP book, and you will have all the math need to pass the exam. Additionally, this book includes a card that grants you web access to InSite by Velociteach. It is a website that contains algebra formulas and earned value tasks. You will find practical and direct test questions for either Group A or Group B. The system operates identically to the actual test.

📚 4. PMP Book – Head First PMP Book by Jennifer Green and Andrew Stillman

Jennifer Green and Andrew Stillman have written a brain-friendly approach to pass the PMP Exam. Reading this PMP book first enables you to overcome the psychological barrier that exists between you and PMP. More than a workbook filled with fascinating and enjoyable exercises, it directly connects with its peculiar but extremely effective writing style. It is illustrated with examples and includes tests for progressive self-assessment. This book contains all of the necessary materials for your test. The enjoyment you feel while participating in all activities and reading stories enhances the value of the material. This is a significant advantage, particularly for those who dislike dry materials. It has the appearance of a third-grade textbook and does an excellent job of explaining the process.

📚 5. PMP Book – Kim Hildman’s Professional Exam Study Guide

If you’re seeking a PMP book that will assist you in achieving a passing score on the PMP exam while also allowing you to enjoy reading, this is it. You’ll appreciate the author’s organization of this PMP book, which follows a real-world sequence of events beneath the process groups. Specific authors explain processes in conjunction with knowledge domains, bridging the sets of operations. The information hierarchy, on the other hand, makes reading more authentic and enjoyable. This PMP book may be the deciding factor in your success because it introduces and repeats essential topics throughout the book.


In a word, the top five PMP exam preparation books, ensuring that you have the best PMP exam preparation materials available on the market. It is now up to you to decide which PMP test preparation book to purchase!

In addition to the PMP Prep Books, you can also take PMP training courses and PMP practice tests offered by SPOTO, which will help you prepare for your final PMP exam.

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