Studying for the PMI ACP test should include reviewing Agile techniques such as Scrum, Kanban & XP and knowing the ceremonies and artifacts related to each. PMI has compiled a list of over 100 Agile tools and practices that you should be aware of and the competencies required of an Agile Project Manager. Finally, completing practice examinations that simulate real exam questions is critical for studying for the PMI ACP exam.

It is essential to take as many PMI-ACP practice exams as possible. There can never be too many practice examinations before the PMI-ACP exam. Here are the most recent 100% authentic PMI ACP Exam Questions from SPOTO to aid your PMI ACP exam preparation. So, what are you holding out for? Take this free PMI ACP test today!

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Senior management is frustrated at the lack of a detailed implementation plan that shows exactly when the project will end and when all requirements will be met. The team has been using a rolling wave planning approach so far on the project.
How should the agile practitioner explain to senior management the benefits of this approach?

A. It ensures a consistent level of detail is available in the project schedule.
B. It prevents a wasteful buildup of requirements inventory that may never be processed.
C. It provides a concrete definition of project scope, cost, and duration.
D. It allows the team to lock down the stories to be included in a release.

Correct Answer: B

More details for a story are required before the upcoming sprint planning meeting. What should the scrum master do?

A. Email the product owner requesting detailed story specifications and wait for a response.
B. Gather the details from the team members before sprint planning.
C. Schedule a story grooming session with the product owner before sprint planning.
D. Conduct a planning poker session with the team.

Correct Answer: C

While struggling to take ownership of delivery, an agile team fails to keep up with its sprint commitments. What should the agile coach do?

A. Work with the sponsor to develop team expectations.
B. Provide the customer with a list of deliverables and obtain an agreement.
C. Encourage the team to interact more frequently with all stakeholders.
D. Work on finishing upfront product design rather than comprehensive documentation.

Correct Answer: C

A project team identifies some technical challenges with features in the next sprint. What should they do?

A. Request direction from the technical manager.
B. Encourage the product owner to reallocate the features to another sprint.
C. Determine who is best qualified to address the challenges.
D. Ask the product owner to assign the tasks to the most appropriately skilled resources.

Correct Answer: C

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A product owner for two highly visible projects spends a great deal of time meeting and reporting to senior stakeholders. The product owner is overwhelmed because both project teams request clarification on the requirements and the overall priorities.
What should the agile project manager do?

A. Provide both project teams with the highest priority needs.
B. Request the project teams’ questions in writing before the next meeting.
C. Facilitate a meeting with each team and the product owner to find a solution.
D. Provide both teams with each project’s documentation.

Correct Answer: C

An experienced product owner presents the epics and related stories during a release planning session with the established team. The executive sponsor asks the team when the features will be delivered.
What should the agile team do?

A. Evaluate how much can be delivered based on the Scrum Master’s estimation
B. Identify a set of user stories based on the team’s velocity
C. Initiate an estimation session
D. Consult historical data for project completion

Correct Answer: B

A new agile project manager accepts an assignment to manage a well-established team. Many team members have worked together on this product for several years. The project manager notices that team members offer little vocal interaction during a meeting, yet all required tasks are completed on time.
What type of behavior does this describe?

A. Synchronous
B. Collaborative
C. Passive-aggressive
D. Random

Correct Answer: B

The product owner of an agile project is frustrated because the team cannot deliver as many features as expected. The product owner asks the team to reduce test-automation levels since the quality assurance team will test the product at project completion. The product owner expects that more features will be delivered in each iteration using this approach.
What should the agile practitioner do?

A. Ask the opinion of key stakeholders and the client to ensure the correct approach is being used.
B. Work with the team to use this approach and request a quality assurance iteration after every three iterations.
C. Propose to eliminate test automation since this is a quality assurance function.
D. Suggest merging the quality assurance and delivery teams to enhance each iteration’s test-automation levels and reduce redundancy.

Correct Answer: D

An agile project leader notices that the team’s velocity has decreased. In examining data provided by team members, the project leader discovers that one team member has been slow to enter story statuses.
What can happen as a result?

A. The team will be unable to understand the iteration’s status.
B. The team will be unable to judge the project design’s validity.
C. The team cannot give accurate updates to management.
D. Team collaboration cannot be measured effectively.

Correct Answer: D

A team member has spent five days on a spike, and the first set of experiments has not been successful. The issue is the development team member has determined a short-term rather than a long-term solution.
What should the project leader do?

A. Assign the spike to another resource to continue research for the long-term solution.
B. Re-establish the spike, encourage experimentation and collaborate with the team.
C. Stop experimentation and negotiate the short-term solution with the customer.
D. Schedule a root-cause analysis with the development team on the main issues with the spike.

Correct Answer: D


In comparison to the PMP, the PMI ACP has a greater pass rate. The questions must still be carefully studied, and you must become acquainted with the PMI question format. You will still need to be familiar with Agile Methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and XP and the accompanying Agile ceremonies and artifacts. SPOTO offers 100% real PMI ACP exam dumps with verified answers to help you pass your final PMI ACP certification exam.

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