It is always advisable to solve project management practice tests to score higher and feel more confident about your exams. To become acquainted with the PMP® exam pattern, use our free PMP® practice test 6th edition series. Practice answering PMP® sample test series to enhance your speed and time management throughout the PMP® exam. So, practice as many project management practice tests as you can to better understand all topics. Try out the 10 PMP practice questions below right now!

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Examine Your Knowledge with Free PMP Questions and Answers 2021

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PMP Exam Questions #11

Karen is working at Consult Master, which is a consulting company. One of the Consult Master clients asked the company to prepare a project management approach fitting their organization. Karen has worked on this project and found that agile methods will fit the company. Which of the following does NOT fit into the values of the agile manifesto?

A. Individuals and interactions

B. Comprehensive Documentation

C. Customer collaboration

D. Responding to change over following a plan

Answer: B

The four values of the Agile Manifesto are: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, Working software over comprehensive documentation, Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and Responding to change over following a plan

Knowledge Area: Agile Practices

PMP Exam Questions #12

In the context of a desirable model of communication between a sender and a receiver, all the following statements are correct EXCEPT:

A. Noise should be at a minimum level.

B. Receiver must reply to the message after decoding the message.

C. Receiver should acknowledge first and then agree with the message sent by the sender.

D. Receiver should send a feedback message to the sender.

Answer: C

As part of the communications process, the sender is responsible for transmitting the message, ensuring the communicated information is clear and complete and confirming the communication is correctly understood. The receiver is responsible for ensuring that the data is received in its entirety, understood correctly, and acknowledged or responded to appropriately. However, the receiver may not agree with the received message.

Knowledge Area: Communications Management

PMP Exam Questions #13

John is a project manager of a complicated project. When he started creating a work breakdown structure for his project, he realized that it is too complex to complete a work breakdown structure on a single sheet. You, as a colleague of John, recommend using a work breakdown structure numbering system to John to:

A. Determine the complexity of the project

B. Help in automating the WBS using appropriate software

C. Provide a hierarchical structure for each WBS element

D. Present risks of the project

Answer: C

The WBS is finalized by assigning each work package to a control account and establishing a unique identifier for that work package from a code of accounts. These identifiers provide a structure for hierarchical summation of costs, schedule, and resource information.

Knowledge Area: Scope Management

PMP Exam Questions #14

You are trying to establish a cost performance baseline for your project in Determine Budget Process. You can use the following tool and techniques EXCEPT:

A. Cost aggregation

B. Bottom-up estimating

C. Expert judgment

D. Historical relationships

Answer: B

Tools and techniques used in Determine Budget Process are:

Cost aggregation
Reserve analysis
Expert judgment
Historical relationships
Funding limit reconciliation
Bottom-up estimating is used in Estimate Costs Process.

Knowledge Area: Cost Management

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PMP Exam Questions #15

Which of the following techniques includes measuring, examining, and validating whether work and deliverables meet requirements and product acceptance criteria?

A. Workshops

B. Surveys

C. Expert Judgment

D. Inspection

Answer: D

Inspection includes measuring, examining, and validating activities to determine whether work and deliverables meet requirements and product acceptance criteria.

Knowledge Area: Scope Management

PMP Exam Questions #16

You are a project manager in a bicycle manufacturing company. Rubber for brake mechanism for your bicycles supplied by RuBrake Inc could not reach due to flood-affected the transportation routes. This was a risk you thought could happen since it happens each year in the same season. So, as per your risk response plan, you started to use rubbers delivered one year ago. However, this response brought another risk –old rubbers have a higher breaking risk during implementation to the brake system. This new risk can also be called:

A. Secondary risk

B. Residual risk

C. Contingency plan

D. Unmanageable risks

Answer: A

Secondary risks are risks that arise as a direct result of implementing a risk response.

Knowledge Area: Risk Management

PMP Exam Questions #17

Tom is working as a Project Manager at StateEx, which is a nationwide logistics company. Tom manages a project to optimize the vehicles’ location, pickup points, and routes for effective and efficient delivery. Victoria, one of the project team members, emails you that she did not understand her tasks clearly. What should you do next?

A. Response via email that he should reread the project scope document.

B. Call Victoria’s functional manager and confirm again if she is qualified to work on the project

C. Arrange a one-on-one meeting with Victoria and try to understand what is not clear to her

D. Raise this issue in the next team meeting and ask the team to clarify the tasks for Victoria

Answer: C

Listening, empathy, and stewardship are characteristics of servant leadership. Before taking further actions, first, you need to understand what is not clear or why the team member did not understand the task.

Knowledge Area: Business Environment

PMP Exam Questions #18

You are expected to manage stakeholders’ expectations as a project manager. All of the following are interpersonal skills that you should apply EXCEPT:

A. Building trust

B. Resolving conflict

C. Risk-taking

D. Active listening

Answer: C

The project manager applies interpersonal skills to manage stakeholder’s expectations. For example:

Building trust
Resolving conflict
Active listening
Overcoming resistance to change

Knowledge Area: Stakeholder Management

PMP Exam Questions #19

There have been several changes in your project, and this affected your cost and schedule estimates. This has invalidated the original estimating assumptions. What is the estimate at completion (EAC) for your project based on the following parameters?

BAC = $ 360,000
AC = $ 120,000
EV = $ 180,000
CPI = 1.2
ETC = $ 145,000

A. $ 300.000

B. $ 265.000

C. $ 325.000

D. $ 360.000

Answer: B

EAC = AC + ETC = $ 120.000 + $ 145.000 = $ 265.000

Knowledge Area: Cost Management

PMP Exam Questions #20

Scott is working in a manufacturing company which is producing parts for automobiles. The company has adopted Lean methodology as a project management methodology. When Scott and the team were working on the project, a new requirement has been requested. David, another team member of Scott’s team, says that it is too late to accept new requirements. David’s behaviour is against _______ .

A. Agile Values

B. Lean Manifesto

C. Agile Manifesto

D. Requirement Driven Development

Answer: C

“Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage” is one of the twelve principles in the Agile Manifesto.

Knowledge Area: Agile Practices

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