If you’re thinking about taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, you might be wondering if there’s a secret to passing it. Many aspiring PMPs are looking for simple tips to help them traverse the study materials and the exam with ease. Some people believe that if they use these tactics, they won’t have to study as hard – or at all.

Don’t be deceived! The PMP test is complex, and the PMI advises applicants to spend a significant amount of time reading and studying the material. Try the most recent PMP exam practice tests, which will offer you the closest experience to taking the actual exam. The questions have been completely updated for the 6th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide. Begin your exam preparation right away with our free PMP practice exam.

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Examine Your Knowledge with Free PMP Questions and Answers 2021

PMP Questions with Answers #1

You are the program-level manager with several project activities underway. In the executing process group, you begin to become concerned about the accuracy of progress reports from the projects. What would BEST support your opinion that there is a problem?

A. Quality Audits

B. Risk Quantification Reports

C. Regression Analysis

D. Monte Carlo Analysis

Answer: A. quality audits. If you read the second sentence again, it says that you are concerned about the accuracy of progress reports from the project. To check whether the standards of your organization have been applied in the projects you are responsible for, you can conduct a quality audit and find out whether there is a problem. Therefore, here the best answer is A, Quality Audits.

Knowledge Area: Quality Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #2

You are a project manager for a major information systems project. Someone from the quality department comes to see you about beginning a quality audit of your project. The team, already under pressure to complete the project as soon as possible, objects to the audit. You should explain to the team that the purpose of a quality audit is:

A. Part of an ISO 9000 investigation

B. To check if the customer is following its quality process

C. To identify inefficient and ineffective policies

D. To check the accuracy of costs submitted by the team

Answer: C. How would you explain it to your team if you were in this case? The best answer is C, to identify inefficient and ineffective policies. B and D are irrelevant options because the quality audit is done to check whether you are meeting the quality standards, whether you are following the quality procedures of your company. Therefore, it’s not related to whether the customer is following its quality processes. Or it is not related to the accuracy of costs submitted by the team.

Knowledge Area: Quality Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #3

During every project team meeting, the project manager asks each team member to describe the work he or she is doing, and the project manager assigns new activities to team members. The length of these meetings has increased because there are many different activities to assign. This could be happening for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A. Lack of a WBS

B. Lack of a responsibility assignment matrix

C. Lack of resource leveling

D. Lack of team involvement in project planning

Answer: C, lack of resource-leveling. If you reread the clauses, the problem is that the activities or tasks that need to be performed in the project are unclear. So, the reasons for these ambiguities or these unclear points about the tasks that will be performed can be the lack of a WBS. If you could not decompose your project activities and create WBS, this might be causing ambiguities in your project tasks. Also, if you do not have a clear and concise responsibility assignment matrix, your project’s resources will have unclarity about who will do what in the project. Also, if the team was not involved in project planning, maybe you could not have identified the required steps, required tasks, activities that need to be performed in the project. So, options A, B, and D are the possible reasons for this case mentioned in the question. However, lack of resource leveling might be causing a scheduling problem. Resource leveling is a technique used in the schedule management knowledge area, enabling the uniform distribution of tasks and activities in a project.

Knowledge Area: Resources Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #4

Amy, your friend, works as a software developer at an E-commerce company. When you are chatting with Amy about her project, she said that their project management approach relies on three practices. 1- Visualize what you do today, 2- Limit the work in progress, 3- Enhance flow. Which of the following agile methodology is used in Amy’s project?

A. Kanban

B. Lean

C. Scrum

D. Extreme Programming

Answer: A. There are three basic practices of Kanban. These are 1- Visualize what you do today—seeing all items in the context of each other can be very informative. Kanban board is for this purpose. All works in progress and done and waiting for the next step to be processed are visualized on the board. 2- Limit the amount of work in progress. This helps balance the flow-based approach, so teams don’t start and commit too much work at once. Otherwise, too much work will overburden the team, and this will cause quality to decrease respectively. 3- Enhance flow: when something is finished, the next highest thing from the backlog is pulled into play. When there is room for analyzing, developing, testing, and deploying a new item in the software development pipeline, the most crucial feature from the backlog is pulled into the service development pipeline until all project features are finished.

Knowledge Area: Agile Practices

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PMP Questions with Answers #5

You are working at Smart Heart Co as a Project Manager. Smart Heart is a company producing healthcare products. You are continuously monitoring the business environment if any changes are affecting your project. You are using the PESTEL analysis for environmental scanning. Which of the following does not belong to the PESTEL categories?

A. You are working in the US market, and the FDA launched a new regulation for healthcare products.

B. There has been political tension with one of the countries, and they banned the use of Smart Heart’s products in their country.

C. Vital Pro, a competitor of the Smart Heart, has launched a new technological product that can be a game-changer in the market. One of the project team members in your project has just resigned, and you heard rumors that he will be working at Smart Heart’s competitor.

D. One of the project team members in your project has just resigned, and you heard rumors that he will be working at Smart Heart’s competitor.

Answer: D. Environmental Scan is methodically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data about external opportunities and threats. PESTEL stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal.

New FDA regulations are an example of a legal category.

Banning products due to political tension is an example of a political category.

The new product of the competitor is an example of a technological category.

The fourth option is a project-related change in the project.

Knowledge Area: Business Environment

PMP Questions with Answers #6

A project manager is quantifying risk for her project. She needs an expert opinion in this process, and related experts are spread over to different geographical locations. How can she continue?

A. Using Monte Carlo analysis online

B. Applying the critical path method

C. Determine options for recommended corrective action

D. Applying the Delphi Technique

Answer: D, applying the Delphi Technique. If you remember from our previous lectures, that technique was asking the experts’ opinion on a topic or a problem and collecting their feedback anonymously and then sending the results back to the experts again, and recollecting their responses again, and reiterating this process until a consensus is reached by all participants, by all experts. Therefore, we can use Delphi Technique since expert opinion is essential for this case and experts are spread over different geographical locations.

Knowledge Area: Risk Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #7

During risk management activities, 236 risks have been identified, which are caused by 13 root causes. You could eliminate the 234 risks by your risk management activities. For the remaining two risks, you, together with your team, could not find a way to mitigate or insure the risks. Also, these two risks cannot be outsourced or removed from the project scope. What is the best solution?

A. Accept the risk

B. Mitigate the risk

C. Avoid the risk

D. Transfer the risk

Answer: A, accepting the risk. When you read the case, the project manager tried first to eliminate the risk, then tried to mitigate or insure the risk. But all these options did not work. And the last step is the risk should be accepted by the project team, and continuous reserves should be allocated to accommodate risks or to overcome the bad impacts of these risks when they occur. Therefore, the best answer here is accepting the risk and also planning contingency reserves.

Knowledge Area: Risk Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #8

The project team is arguing about the prospective sellers who have submitted proposals. One team member argues for a particular seller, while another team member wants the project to be awarded to a different seller. The BEST thing the project manager should remind the team to focus on to make a selection is the:

A. Procurement documents

B. Procurement audits

C. Evaluation criteria

D. Procurement management plan

Answer: C, evaluation criteria. The source selection criteria or evaluation criteria defined in the planned procurement management process defines, in an objective way, how quantitatively the potential sellers will be evaluated in the conduct procurements process. Therefore, if you have applied specific metrics, specific categories to consider, or assess a potential seller in the conduct procurement process, then you have to use those metrics, use those categories to evaluate each seller one by one. And the sellers, which got the highest scores, should be awarded the contract. Therefore, the team members should not go into arguments about the selection of the sellers because you already have a quantitative metric to evaluate which seller is the best matching your source selection criteria.

Knowledge Area: Procurement Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #9

A project manager is in the middle of creating a request for a proposal (RFP). What part of the procurement process is she in?

A. Conduct procurements

B. Plan Procurements

C. Control Procurements

D. Close Procurements

Answer: B. She is in the plan procurements process. Because procurement statement of work, procurement documents are prepared in plan procurements management process. An RFP is a procurement document as well. Therefore, it is ready in the plan procurements process. RFP was defining what the buyer requires from the seller.

Knowledge Area: Procurement Management Knowledge Area

PMP Questions with Answers #10

You want to group your project stakeholders based on their authority and involvement in the project. Which of the following is an appropriate model for this?

A. Power/Interest Grid

B. Power/Influence Grid

C. Influence/Impact Grid

D. Salience Model

Answer: B. Power/Influence Grid. The Authority of a stakeholder represents the power of the stakeholder, and the involvement of a stakeholder represents the influence level of the stakeholder. Therefore, the answer is B. Power/Influence Grid.

Knowledge Area: Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area


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