CompTIA Cloud+ certifies IT infrastructure professionals in multi-vendor cloud computing capabilities, such as moving apps, databases, processes, and systems to the cloud.

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A cloud provider is suggesting a hot disaster recovery site to enable the customer to migrate services to them as quickly as possible in case of a failure on the primary site. Which of the following metrics BEST represents what the provider is asking the tenant to consider?





Correct Answer: D


A technician needs to configure three networks for a three- tier cloud service implementation:

Two public-facing load balancers

Ten private web servers

Two private database servers

Which of the following are the smallest networks that will accommodate these requirements? (Select THREE).





E. 172.163.240/27

F. 172 30.212.192/30



Correct Answer: DFH



A company uses a public laaS. Company engineers use an orchestration tool to deploy VMs. The orchestration tool was configured a year ago and worked well.

Now, however, the company cannot deploy new VMs. Given the information below:

No one changed the configuration of the orchestration tool.

Other deployments (e g, network, storage) are working on the orchestration tool.

There are enough resources assigned for the company.

Which of the following is the cause of this issue?

A. User account expiration

B. Version of API on the public cloud

C. Lack of IP addresses

D. Network connection issues


Correct Answer: A



A cloud solution architect implemented a new container-based PaaS platform to allow developer self- service. The developers are looking to do multiple deployments to the development environment to get rapid feedback on the functionality. Which of the following is the BEST plan for supporting multiple deployments?

A. Configure the build process to start when the developer commits code.

B. Require the developer to publish the container and submit a deployment request ticket.

C. Schedule a nightly build and release the deployment job for all applications.

D. Have the developers perform the build and release it on their local laptops.


Correct Answer: B



During troubleshooting of a performance problem with an ll-flash array that is used to store the primary production data of multiple virtualization clusters in a private cloud, the storage vendor wants to perform an upgrade of the array firmware. Which of the following should be done NEXT?

A. Open a change request and ask for approval.

B. Establish a plan of action and implement it.

C. Download the array firmware and apply it on the affected array.

D. Document the findings.


Correct Answer: A


During the cloud provisioning process, a misconfiguration results in the requester being granted privileges to the underlying laas infrastructure. Which of the following security principles has been violated?

A. Authentication

B. Authorization

C. Privilege escalation

D. Identification


Correct Answer: B



The end users of a SaaS application use multiple services from the same application. A unique login ID and password are required for each user to access each service. Which of the following access control methods should be implemented by the SaaS application vendor to simplify the access to its services?






Correct Answer: B



A cloud engineer is provisioning a group of servers in a public cloud using a template. The template uses a custom image that includes all the hardening minimum security standards approved by the cybersecurity department. The image is more than 30 days old and is updated on a quarterly basis. Before deploying the servers in production, the cloud engineer should:

A. ensure the servers are fully patched.

B. enable all unneeded ports.

C. enable NAT to the servers.

D. apply server patches to the template.


Correct Answer: D



Last month, a cloud engineer updated all the Linux servers to disallow telnet communication by updating the firewall and uninstalling the application.  However, it was recently discovered that three of the servers had the telnet port and application installed and configured. Which of the following is the BEST way to implement and maintain the change?

A. Implement a process to rebuild all the Linux servers on a weekly basis.

B. Disable the local administrator accounts and change all the user passwords.

C. Configure a configuration management system to update all Linux servers.

D. Review the system logs to determine who made the changes and disable those accounts.


Correct Answer: D



One of the laaS production web servers has a critical OS vulnerability that requires remediation. The vulnerability report indicates it is a zero-day exploit. Which of the following is the BEST course of action to remediate the vulnerability?

A. Schedule the update via the patch management system to be applied in the next standard change window.

B. Turn off the VM, build a new server, and apply patches with a patch management system.

C. Submit an emergency change request to the CAB and apply the update via the patch management system.

D. Submit an emergency change request to the CAB, test the patch, and then apply the update via the patch management system.


Correct Answer: D



A cloud administrator is troubleshooting SSO issues with an application server. The application server sits behind a load balancer device with WAF and reverse

proxy services enabled. Which of the following authentication types should the administrator ensure is disabled to allow Sso functions?

A. Anonymous

B. Multifactor

C. Kerberos

D. Basic

Correct Answer: A



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