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11. Identify the missing words in the following sentence. The role of [ ? ] is assigned to the project manager if it is not allocated to another person.

A. change authority
B. project assurance
C. project support
D. senior user

Answer: C

12. If the Project Board cannot reach a consensus, to whom should the Project Manager defer for a decision?

A. Executive
B. Corporate or programme management
C. Change Authority
D. Project Assurance

Answer: A

13. Which is the purpose of the Change theme?

A. Prevent change to baselined products
B. Identify, assess and control any potential and approved changes to baselined products
C. Establish mechanisms to monitor and compare actual achievements against those planned
D. Assess and control uncertainty

Answer: B

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14. Which is the first task of PRINCE2’s recommended approach to ‘defining and analyzing the products’?

A. Creating a product flow diagram
B. Writing the product description
C. Writing a project product description
D. Documenting the plan

Answer: C

15. If a project’s benefit tolerance is expected to be exceeded, to whom should this issue be escalated, for a decision?

A. Senior User
B. Executive
C. Corporate/programme management
D. Senior Supplier

Answer: C

16. How should the Project Initiation Document be used during the Managing a Stage Boundary process?

A. As a focal point at which all information relating to the project is gathered for agreement by the key stakeholder
B. By the Project Board for approval to proceed to the next stage
C. To show the latest understanding of the project
D. To confirm that the project has delivered what is defined in the Project Product Description, and that the acceptance criteria have been met

Answer: C

17. When should the level of tailoring be defined?

A. During the initiation stage
B. When reviewing what has been learned to date
C. As a response to issues and risks experienced
D. Before the project is triggered by the project mandate.

Answer: A

18. What is the purpose of the Benefits Review Plan?

A. Provides information regarding unfinished work to the group who will support the project’s products in their operational life
B. Gives a detailed analysis of only those benefits that were realized before the project closed
C. Describes details of the benefits originally expected against what was actually achieved
D. Provides details of the time and effort needed to carry out the planned reviews

Answer: D

19. Which PRINCE2®️ principle is being applied when tolerances are set for the three levels of plan?

A. Manage by stages
B. Manage by exception
C. Continued business justification
D. Learn from experience

Answer: B

20. Which is an objective of the quality Organization theme technique?

A. To identify a product’s quality criteria
B. To provide assurance that the project is being conducted properly
C. To assess that a product conforms to set criteria
D. To ensure that staff are properly trained in the quality methods

Answer: C


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