It’s hard to realize, but 2022 is just have arrived. While many of us are still locked in March 2020 (at least in our heads), the electronic world has changed dramatically since the epidemic.

The way we work, communicate with our coworkers, and even look for new jobs has all altered dramatically as a result of remote working and the Zoom boom. Covid-19 has, of course, aided “The Great Resignation.”

Many people have reevaluated their objectives, reassessed their careers, and considered making a shift in the recent two years. As a result, we’re in the midst of a hiring bonanza unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

So, if you’re wondering what IT jobs will be in high demand in 2022, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top five jobs to think about. All you have to do now is begin applying. Best of luck!

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Java Developer

Web applications, software, and programs are all created by Java developers. They are involved in a product’s development life cycle from start to finish. This position is usually in high demand, and we anticipate that many organizations will be hiring for it in the coming year.

A Java developer’s responsibilities will vary substantially based on the firm and position. Designing, developing, and maintaining Java applications, as well as delivering high availability and performance, participating in all aspects of the development life cycle, and producing well-designed, efficient, and tested code, are just a few examples of typical responsibilities.

Here are some open Java Developer positions near you.

Cloud Architect

An IT expert who oversees a company’s cloud computing strategy is known as a cloud architect. Plans for cloud adoption, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring are all included. Cloud Architects are frequently in charge of bridging the gap between complicated business problems and cloud-based solutions.

Experience with programming languages such as Python, Ruby, and Elixir, as well as a background in IT engineering and outstanding leadership abilities, will be required of cloud architects.

Do you believe you’ve got what it takes? Jobbio has a few available cloud architect positions.


Product Manager

Product managers are in charge of overseeing the development of projects from conception to conclusion. They’re usually the glue that keeps teams together and ensures that everyone is on the same page. PMs have a wide range of responsibilities, from overseeing work flow to visiting with employees on a regular basis to check on progress.

Companies will be looking for applicants with excellent analytical skills, managerial experience, high levels of organization, and expertise utilizing tools like PivotalTracker or Jira when looking for candidates for this post.

If this sounds like the appropriate job for you, check out the firms that are recruiting right now.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Now, more than ever, cybersecurity is critical. Cybersecurity professionals are essentially bodyguards who safeguard businesses from hacker attacks and consumers’ personal information from being stolen. Companies without a staff of top IT security experts risk losing large sums of money due to data breaches, as well as a headache from disgruntled consumers.

Problem-solving abilities, knowledge of security across several platforms, excellent communication skills, and a basic understanding of computer forensics are all required of cybersecurity specialists. If you have what it takes, it may be a highly gratifying profession with reasonable pay.

Data Analyst

A data scientist’s job is to predict and analyze data using machine learning. Identifying data-analytics challenges, selecting the relevant data sets and variables, gathering massive volumes of data, and conveying findings to stakeholders are all examples of specific activities. Data science is a burgeoning discipline that is only going to get bigger in the coming years.

You must be comfortable with statistical programming languages such as R, Python, and SLQ to be considered for this position. You’ll also need to be familiar with data mining methods. Why not explore a job shift in 2022 if you check those boxes?


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