CCIE is the most difficult and well-paid IT certification in the world. Every year, millions of network workers intend to become CCIE certified experts, yet many drops out in the middle.

Without a question, being a CCIE certified expert necessitates a significant amount of time, effort, and money. However, in addition to these three, you must take steps in the proper path to be successful. Millions of Cisco aspirants are unable to attain their goals due to a lack of competent guidance.

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In this post, we’ll uncover the secrets and help you prepare for the CCIE tests. We’ve discovered a significant secret in the shape of the Top CCIE Exam Passing Tips. Not only will we provide you advice, but we’ll also go through “Don’ts” that you must avoid if you want to pass the CCIE examinations.

Bits of Advice for Passing the CCIE exam on the First Try

Choose an Appropriate Cisco CCIE Training Institute

The CCIE is now available in eight distinct tracks or areas of competence.Two key prerequisites must be satisfied regardless of the CCIE track you choose: the written test and the lab exam. Passing a written test appropriate to the CCIE track you’re seeking is the first step toward CCIE certification. There are no explicit requirements to take the CCIE writing test. It’s a two-hour qualifying exam with 90-110 questions that costs $350 and may be taken at any Pearson VUE testing location. The CCIE written test must be passed before you can apply for the CCIE lab exam, which is the second and significantly more challenging part of the CCIE certification process. Cisco offers an eight-hour CCIE lab exam for $1500 at a few Cisco lab locations around the world. It is this lab test that makes the CCIE certification famously difficult to get, and it is also likely the basis for the CCIE certification’s prestige. To earn your Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) credential, you must pass both examinations.

Choosing the Best CCIE Training Institute is one of the most common blunders made by millions of Cisco applicants. Remember that proper instruction is the most important factor in achieving success. There are over 10,000 Cisco training businesses throughout the world, but only around 4-5 of them are truly capable of assisting you in passing the CCIE lab exam. SPOTO has a 100 percent first-time pass rate of the exams. Feel free to contact us:

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Use Mock Exams to Prepare for the Real Exam

After you’ve finished your CCIE course training, you should do some rapid revision, brush up on your abilities, and take several practice CCIE examinations. This will prepare you for the questions as well as the practical test. With each mock test, you may improve your time management, learn to complete configurations quicker, and master the Q&As.

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On Real Lab Infrastructure, Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice makes perfect and will make you perfect for the CCIE examinations. The CCIE exam includes an 8-hour lab exam in which your actual skill level will be assessed. That is why hands-on training on real devices is essential. Avoid using simulators for practicals, which is why lab infrastructure is an important consideration when selecting a Cisco CCIE training center.

Read books, Cisco Docs, and other learning resources

Don’t rely on just one book; read from a variety of sources. You may look for Cisco documentation, press publications, RFCs, SPOTO’s exam dumps, and other online resources. SPOTO has plenty questions dumps based on 100% real questions. You must first complete the CCIE Written tests before taking the CCIE Lab examinations.

Practice, Practice, and Practice on Real Lab Infrastructure

Practice makes perfect, and it will help you pass the CCIE exams. The CCIE certification includes an 8-hour lab exam that assesses your actual skill level. Hands-on training on real devices is critical in this situation. Because simulators should not be used for practicals, lab infrastructure is an important factor when choosing a Cisco CCIE training school.

One job at a time then goes over it again and again

Never try to do two things at once. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Only think about one thing at a time. When taking the CCIE lab test for the first time, students often feel nervous and overthink it. Top CCIE dumps SPOTO advise that when performing a lab test task, you concentrate only on that activity. Reread the job one more time. The only question that has an answer is that one. If your ideas are clear and you reread the assignment while concentrating just on the current task, the answer will come effortlessly. If you are still worried about the exam, you can ask SPOTO for help.

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