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In a software development project, the product owner and development team agree on a sprint backlog The highest priority in the backlog is to build a payment module. The team worked on the module during the first half of the sprint, but now two developers want to spend the rest of the sprint focusing on refactoring another feature that might create issues in the future.

What should the project manager do?


A. Let the developers focus on the refactoring work and discuss it in the

B. Praise the developers for their proactivity and focus onquality

C. Restate to the developers the importance of focusing and meeting the sprintgoal

D. Escalate the issue to the developers functionalmanagers


Correct Answer: C




During a retrospective meeting, a project manager hears that stakeholders have been constantly complaining at iteration demos about product features not being delivered as requested.

What advice should the project manager give to the product Owner to ensure that product features are always delivered as requested?


A. Avoid including stakeholders in iteration

B. Create a requirements traceability matrix and distribute it

C. Include stakeholders during daily standup meetings to monitor

D. Validate acceptance criteria with stakeholders prior to backingrefinement


Correct Answer: B




A project manager works with a global virtual team. The team is facing difficulty in communicating with each other and often misses important messages. This difficulty leads to missed deadlines.

What should the project manager do to enhance project team effectiveness?


A. Implement team colocation to improve

B. Schedule a communications control board

C. ldentify the root cause of communication

D. Initiate daily communication of project


Correct Answer: C




After a meeting with the customer, the project manager receives special recognition because the project is always on schedule. Later that day, the project manager attends a regular project team meeting to follow up on the status of the deliverables.

What should the project manager do in the project team meeting?


A. Start planning how to improve the dates of next

B. Document this feedback in the meeting

C. Follow the meeting agenda and make a list of the next

D. Share the customer feedback with the projectteam


Correct Answer: D

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During the daily meetings with the team, the project manager notices that a new team member is not making the expected progress on an assigned task What should the project manager do?


A. Ask an experienced team member to identify areplacement

B. Ask the new team member to follow the team ground

C. Ask an experienced team member to coach the new team

D. Ask the new team member to reassess their own


Correct Answer: C




Which three of the following scenarios are impediments to which a scrum master should pay attention? (Choose three)


A. A lack of team empowerment and an inability toself-organize

B. A team member talking about a user story that is on the Scrumboard

C. A team member talking about a user story that is not on the Scrumboard

D. A review of the backlog at daily standupmeetings

E. A technology that blocks agilecapabilities


Correct Answer: ACE



A technical manager, newly appointed by the client, visits the project site to verify the project deliverables The technical manager feels that the project manager has not been providing enough information.

What should the project manager do first to resolve this situation?


A. Updatethe issue log and escalate to the project

B. Schedule more frequent meetings with the technical

C. Review and update the stakeholder engagement

D. Identify the lack of information as a risk and update the riskregister


Correct Answer: D




During the implementation phase of a project, a new regulation affects the project, and a critical status meeting discussing the scope changes is required. The project manager discovers that a key stakeholder cannot attend the scheduled meeting.

What should the project manager do?


A. Update the communications management plan and implement the

B. Call for a change control board (CCB) meeting. and inform the stakeholder about the

C. Meet with the project sponsor to discuss how to address the

D. Meet with the stakeholder prior to the meeting to obtain their


Correct Answer: D




The team is working on a critical project deliverable and the project manager is concerned about meeting the deadline. There have been complaints from some stakeholders about some of the team members’ performance. The project manager wants to understand the situation and provide feedback to the team as soon as possible.

What three actions should the project manager take to address this situation? (Choose three)


A. Request a manager performance

B. Define team ground

C. Conduct an annualreview

D. Perform a retrospective

E. Implement daily team


Correct Answer: BDE




A verbal announcement is made that the new team member joining the Scrum team has limited mobility. The scrum master is aware that some team members are unsure how the dynamics of the team will change.

What should the scrum master do?


A. Create a stakeholder engagement

B. Update the team charter

C. Design a communications management

D. Set up a meeting to discuss accommodations the team will have to


Correct Answer: B


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