1. Understand the CCNA exam

You can’t pass an exam unless you know the requirements. Thanks to SPOTO‘s extensive documentation.

Firstly, this page provides fundamental facts and a valuable conceptual overview. Exam subjects, sample exams and study materials are linked.

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How many times may a Cisco test be failed?

The same written exam cannot be retaken more than four times per calendar year, whether passed or failed.

Is CCNA difficult for newbies?

The Cisco After-sales Engineer Certification System (CAECS) CCNA is an entry-level certification. CCNA certifies that you can install, configure, and operate Cisco routers, switches, and simple LANs and WANs. CCNA is not difficult.

2. Create your own CCNA study plan

Planning ahead helps us perform better in life, and it also helps us do better in tests. Making a study schedule that suits your needs is vital; even a simple to-do list can be quite beneficial.

Your personalized study strategy should include:

When do you plan to take the exam? Create an account on SPOTO website to discover a convenient time and location. You can also find exam-related material here.

How much time can you commit to studying? If you already work or have other responsibilities, make sure you have enough time to cover all exam topics, take practice tests, and review exam simulations. Finding 15-20 minutes each day for practice or lab is preferable to leaving only one day per week for study.

How much can you spend on prep books and training? Look for genuine, recognized study resources and instruction to ensure you know everything about the exam. Getting the official Cisco books and reading them early on will establish a solid foundation for further expanding your skills/knowledge with whichever training methods you choose will create a good foundation

Which training approach do you prefer? Some people prefer self-study, while others prefer classroom learning. Others find that online training allows them to learn anywhere, anytime. Use your past learning experiences to help you choose the optimal preparation technique.

Are you familiar with the exam subject? Even seasoned professionals with extensive expertise can struggle during the exam. Your personal experience can save you time studying, but you must consider the exam length and question logic. Putting too much reliance on experience is a bad strategy that will likely lead to failure. You must become familiar with exam question types and time management.

For more study materials please contact us:

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3. Enroll in a CCNA Prep Course

As previously stated, there are numerous study methods and one may believe that self-studying is sufficient or even the ideal option. Conversely, some specialists believe they know everything about the exam topics and have ample expertise in every field.

Usually, they aren’t true. Some of these terms and concepts may differ depending on the certification body that created the exam. Because the certifying body’s perspective may differ from what specialists perform in the industry, even if you have first-hand information, part of it may not apply.

That’s why taking a certification prep course is advised. Candidates spend time with an expert instructor who can help them pass the exam more easily. If it is in-person training, you can ask questions, exchange experiences and techniques, and even network. This speeds up learning and improves exam performance.

4. Take CCNA practice tests

It’s good to take practice exams before the real exam to get a sense for the environment. This also helps familiarize with question structure. While it may be tempting to take a few questions whenever you have time, every candidate should take a full mock exam at least twice. Completing a comprehensive practice exam will increase your resilience, attentiveness and concentration.

There are other online question databases. If you’re taking a prep course, a good question database will not only show the correct answer, but also explain why it’s correct and why the other possibilities are erroneous.

But one thing is certain: don’t memorize every question. This may sound simple, yet most tests include thousands of questions in their official banks. Instead, use practice exams to learn about your skills and limitations. If you routinely do well in a topic, you can use study time to improve weaker areas.

It’s vital not to get disheartened if you don’t do well on a practice test. It just means you need more time to study and practice specific skills.

5. Prepare for the Exam Day

It’s natural to be nervous before and during the exam, but if you prepare well and plan ahead, you’ll be fine. Some suggestions for today:

Prepare your exam kit:  Note your ID cards: you can’t start the exam without them. If unsure, contact the testing center.

Stay calm and rested: if you’ve taken exams previously, you know this is critical. It may seem prudent to study last minute, but it isn’t. Your mind will work better if it isn’t fatigued. A good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast can assist. Eat a light lunch if the exam is in the afternoon. Don’t forget to drink (non-alcoholic!) and eat chocolate.

If you need a final review, try a selective reading instead. Using summaries or glossaries is a fantastic way to select reading. Also, don’t just focus on flaws. If you haven’t mastered a topic yet, you could opt to focus on improving your strengths.Make plans to be on time at the exam site: Many certifications have a time limit on them. Candidates that come late may not be admitted to the location. If you’re taking public transportation, double-check the best routes; if you’re driving, plan beforehand where to park. Remember to be at the testing center 15 minutes prior to the exam

6.Purify Your Mind

After you arrived,the exam will be about to start. You’ve waited and gone through the entire studying procedure for this moment. We can offer the following last-minute advice:

Maintain a sense of time: You may achieve a high degree of concentration during the exam. This requires more focus, which is beneficial for problem solving, but you must also keep watch of time. What may appear to be seconds might be priceless minutes; hours fly by, so allow enough time to go over each question on the exam and complete any required answer key forms. Therefore, periodically check your watch. Additionally, avoid pressing the Next button on a question twice: this will skip a question and you will be unable to return!

Read the questions slowly: While the exam time limit is a consideration, avoid rushing and maybe missing some of the correct answers. Pay close attention to each question and option; ensure that you comprehend the question. Keep an eye out for distractors (clearly incorrect answers) in multiple-choice questions that can be easily eliminated. Additionally, it is critical to pay particular attention to phrases such as MOST, LEAST, NOT, ALL, NEVER, and ALWAYS, as they have the ability to completely alter the meaning of a statement. Bear in mind that questions that need you to select the “best answer” may contain multiple accurate options. You must be able to comprehend and determine the most appropriate response to a particular circumstance. This is just another incentive to utilize the official practice exam question database whenever possible. SPOTO provides you with the best exam dumps,try them now!

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