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A project manager for a maintenance project has a contract that is renewed annually. The project started 6 years ago After contract renewal this year, the auditors reported that this version of the contract violates a new law that was passed last year.
What has happened in this situation?

A. The project manager does not have enough knowledge on this legal matter.
B. The takeholder engagement plan has not been correctly implemented.
C. The contract has not been appropriately reviewed by the project team.
D. The legal department has not disseminated the law correctly to all staff.

Correct Answer: C



The project manager of an agile project has been asked to reduce the budget by 30% Since this is a small project tam the budget is primarily allocated to resources.
What strategy should the project manager use in order to keep delivering value in a restricted environment?

A. Reduce the project staff and adjust the scope and timelines accordingly in support of the budget reduction.

B. Prioritize the product backlog looking for high business value and low effort, and adjust the project budget and staffing to account for those items.
C. Restrict the project scope only to basic critical features, and run the project with the current staffing level until all of the budget is consumed.
D. Balance the project team in order to accommodate the budget challenges, and provide training to mitigate the risk of low performance.

Correct Answer: B



A team member misses a project meeting without it being approved and has been penalized as defined in the ground rules. This team member, as well as other team members, insist that it is the first time they have seen this rule regarding the project, and they do not agree with the penalty.
What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

A. Used a charismatic leadership style.
B. Ensured the team charter was developed by the team members.
C. Distributed the project charter to all team members.
D. Ensured the team members are fully supportive of all decisions.

Correct Answer: B



A project manager realizes that a project is becoming delayed because some key decisions are affected by contradicting views between the organization’s senior management and external stakeholders.
What should the project manager do?

A. Isolate the project team from external factors such as senior management and stakeholders so that decisions can be made more quickly.
B. Review the adequacy of the project’s governance and ensure that an appropriate structure is in place.
C. Review the stakeholder register and ensure that communications are being followed in line with the communications management plan.
D. Review the remaining scope and rebaseline the project’s schedule to take into account delays in decision making.

Correct Answer: C

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A company recently used desktop research for a feasibility study. which showed that the project is behind schedule. The project team also has concerns about the impact of scope changes on the project schedule.
What should the project manager do to keep the project on schedule while still meeting project objectives?

A. Update the scope and add more resources to the project.
B. Collaborate with the change control board (CCB) to review the scope and submit any change requests.
C. Update the scope and move on to the next project milestone.

D. Submit a change request to the CCB and update the schedule.

Correct Answer: D



A junior staff member was recently assigned to the team. The new team member tells the project manager that they are confused because they are not familiar with what is expected of them on the project.
What should the project manager do to assist the new team member?

A. Advise the new team member to review the project charter and stakeholder engagement plan.
B. Review the resource management plan and provide mentoring to the new team member if necessary.
C. Instruct the new tam member to review the responsible,accountable,consult,and inform (RACI matrix before asking for help.
D. Advise the new team member to enroll in project management raining.

Correct Answer: C



After completion of a project with specific users in various countries, the project manager’s supervisor asks if the project users are satisfied with the way the project was run.
What two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)

A. Deliver the project materials to the users and see if they have any comments.
B. Prepare the lessons learned from the project phase.
C. Refer to the communications management plan.
D. Send a questionnaire to the project participants and seek their feedback.
E. Obtain official approval on the new process from the various countries.

Correct Answer: DE



During an iteration of a project, a planned activity becomes more complex. The work should be delivered in the shortest time possible. What approach should be used in this situation?

A. The product owner moves it to the product backlog.
B. The cross-functional team members work together to complete the activity.
C. The team members bring in a specialist to help them.
D. The team facilitator gets support from external team members.

Correct Answer: B



A project manager who is managing a critical project in a multinational company is conducting a progress meeting with all team members. During the meeting, one of the team members states that they are facing a critical problem that will prevent them from completing their assigned task.
What should the project manager do?

A. Ask the team member to raise a change request to assess the issue in detail.
B. Review the risk register with the team member to find the proper response action for this issue.
C. Schedule a meeting with the concerned team member to review and update the issue log together.
D. Ask the team member to follow the approved communications management plan to communicate their issue.

Correct Answer: D



The marketing team is transitioning to using hybrid approaches for their projects. The marketing director is not knowledgeable about hybrid methodologies, and the project manager needs the director’s support as the marketing director is a key stakeholder.
What should the project manager do to obtain the support?

A. Ask the marketing director to participate in daily meetings.
B. Ask the marketing team members to coach the director.
C. Mentor the marketing director on hybrid approaches.
D. Train the marketing team and keep the director informed.

Correct Answer: C


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