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Question 1


What are two recommendations for protecting network ports from being exploited when located in an office space outside of an IT closet? (Choose two)


A. configure static ARP entries

B. enable the PortFast feature on ports

C. implement port-based authentication

D. configure ports to a fixed speed

E. shut down unused ports


Correct Answer: C,E


Question 2


What is a recommended approach to avoid co-channel congestion while installing access points that use the 2.4 GHz frequency?


A. different nonoverlapping channels

B. different overlapping channels

C. one overlapping channel

D. one nonoverlapping channel


Correct Answer: A


Question 3


What is a function of a remote access VPN?


A. used cryptographic tunneling to protect the privacy of data for multiple users simultaneously

B. used exclusively when a user is connected to a company’s internal network

C. establishes a secure tunnel between two branch sites

D. allows the users to access company internal network resources through a secure tunnel


Correct Answer: D


Question 4


Which CRUD operation modifies an existing table or view?


A. read

B. create

C. replace

D. update


Correct Answer: D

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Question 5


What is a DHCP client?


A. a workstation that requests a domain name associated with its IP address

B. a host that is configured to request an IP address automatically

C. a server that dynamically assigns IP addresses to hosts.

D. a router that statically assigns IP addresses to hosts.


Correct Answer: B


Question 6


What is the same for both copper and fiber interfaces when using SFP modules?


A. They support an inline optical attenuator to enhance signal strength

B. They provide minimal interruption to services by being hot-swappable

C. They offer reliable bandwidth up to 100 Mbps in half duplex mode

D. They accommodate single-mode and multi-mode in a single module


Correct Answer: B


Question 7


When using Rapid PVST+, which command guarantees the switch is always the root bridge for VLAN 200?


A. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 614440

B. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 38572422

C. spanning -tree vlan 200 priority 0

D. spanning -tree vlan 200 root primary


Correct Answer: C


Question 8


An engineer must configure Interswitch VLAN communication between a Cisco switch and a third-party switch. Which action should be taken?


A. configure IEEE 802.1p

B. configure IEEE 802.1q

C. configure ISL

D. configure DSCP


Correct Answer: B


Question 9


Which protocol prompts the Wireless LAN Controller to generate its own local web administration SSL certificate for GUI access?







Correct Answer: A


Question 10


 In software defined architectures, which plane is distributed and responsible for traffic forwarding?


A. management plane

B. control plane

C. policy plane

D. data plane


Correct Answer: D



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