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Question 1


A newly hired network technician is given the task of ordering new hardware for a small business with a large growth forecast. Which primary factor should the technician be concerned with when choosing the new devices?


A. devices with a fixed number and type of interfaces

B. devices that have support for network monitoring

C. redundant devices

D. devices with support for modularity


Correct answer: D


Question 2


Which network design consideration would be more important to a large corporation than to a small business?


A. Internet router

B. firewall

C. low port density switch

D. redundancy


Correct answer: D


Question 3


Which two traffic types require delay sensitive delivery? (Choose two.)


A. email

B. web


D. voice

E. video


Correct answer: DE


Question 4


A network administrator for a small company is contemplating how to scale the network over the next three years to accommodate projected growth. Which three types of information should be used to plan for network growth? (Choose three.)


A. human resource policies and procedures for all employees in the company

B. documentation of the current physical and logical topologies

C. analysis of the network traffic based on protocols, applications, and services used on the network

D. history and mission statement of the company

E. inventory of the devices that are currently used on the network

F. listing of the current employees and their role in the company


Correct answer: BCE

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Question 5


Which two statements describe how to assess traffic flow patterns and network traffic types using a protocol analyzer? (Choose two.)


A. Capture traffic on the weekends when most employees are off work.

B. Only capture traffic in the areas of the network that receive most of the traffic such as the data center.

C. Capture traffic during peak utilization times to get a good representation of the different traffic types.

D. Perform the capture on different network segments.

E. Only capture WAN traffic because traffic to the web is responsible for the largest amount of traffic on a network.


Correct answer: CD


Question 6


Some routers and switches in a wiring closet malfunctioned after an air conditioning unit failed. What type of threat does this situation describe?


A. configuration

B. environmental

C. electrical

D. maintenance


Correct answer:B


Question 7


Which type of network threat is intended to prevent authorized users from accessing resources?


A. DoS attacks

B. access attacks

C. reconnaissance attacks

D. trust exploitation


Correct answer: A


Question 8


Which two actions can be taken to prevent a successful network attack on an email server account? (Choose two.)


A. Never send the password through the network in a clear text.

B. Never use passwords that need the Shift key.

C. Use servers from different vendors.

D. Distribute servers throughout the building, placing them close to the stakeholders.

E. Limit the number of unsuccessful attempts to log in to the server.


Correct answer: AE


Question 9


Which firewall feature is used to ensure that packets coming into a network are legitimate responses initiated from internal hosts?


A. application filtering

B. stateful packet inspection

C. URL filtering

D. packet filtering


Correct answer: B


Question 10


What is the purpose of the network security authentication function?


A. to require users to prove who they are

B. to determine which resources a user can access

C. to keep track of the actions of a user

D. to provide challenge and response questions


Correct answer: A



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