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Question 1


What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 232?


A. 11101000

B. 11000110

C. 10011000

D. 11110010


Correct answer: A


Question 2


What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 10010101?


A. 149

B. 157

C. 168

D. 192


Correct answer: A

Question 3


What field content is used by ICMPv6 to determine that a packet has expired?


A. TTL field

B. CRC field

C. Hop Limit field

D. Time Exceeded field


Correct answer: C


Question 4


What is a socket?


A. the combination of the source and destination IP address and source and destination Ethernet address

B. the combination of a source IP address and port number or a destination IP address and port number

C. the combination of the source and destination sequence and acknowledgment numbers

D. the combination of the source and destination sequence numbers and port numbers


Correct answer: B


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Question 5


A host device needs to send a large video file across the network while providing data communication to other users. Which feature will allow different communication streams to occur at the same time, without having a single data stream using all available bandwidth?


A. window size

B. multiplexing

C. port numbers

D. acknowledgments


Correct answer: B


Question 6


A host device sends a data packet to a web server via the HTTP protocol. What is used by the transport layer to pass the data stream to the proper application on the server?


A. sequence number

B. acknowledgment

C. source port number

D. destination port number


Correct answer: D


Question 7


What is a beneficial feature of the UDP transport protocol?


A. acknowledgment of received data

B. fewer delays in transmission

C. tracking of data segments using sequence numbers

D. the ability to retransmit lost data


Correct answer: B


Question 8


Which scenario describes a function provided by the transport layer?


A. A student is using a classroom VoIP phone to call home. The unique identifier burned into the phone is a transport layer address used to contact another network device on the same network.

B. A student is playing a short web-based movie with sound. The movie and sound are encoded within the transport layer header.

C. A student has two web browser windows open in order to access two web sites. The transport layer ensures the correct web page is delivered to the correct browser window.*

D. A corporate worker is accessing a web server located on a corporate network. The transport layer formats the screen so the web page appears properly no matter what device is being used to view the web site.


Correct answer: C


Question 9


What is the complete range of TCP and UDP well-known ports?


A. 0 to 255

B. 0 to 1023

C. 256 – 1023

D. 1024 – 49151


Correct answer: B


Question 10


Compared to UDP, what factor causes additional network overhead for TCP communication?


A. network traffic that is caused by retransmissions

B. the identification of applications based on destination port numbers

C. the encapsulation into IP packets

D. the checksum error detection


Correct answer: A

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