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Question 1


What happens to runt frames received by a Cisco Ethernet switch?


A. The frame is dropped.

B. The frame is returned to the originating network device.

C. The frame is broadcast to all other devices on the same network.

D. The frame is sent to the default gateway.


Correct answer: A


Question 2


What are the two sizes (minimum and maximum) of an Ethernet frame? (Choose two.)



A. 56 bytes

B. 64 bytes

C. 128 bytes

D. 1024 bytes

E. 1518 bytes


Correct answer: BE


Question 3


What statement describes Ethernet?


A. It defines the most common LAN type in the world.

B. It is the required Layer 1 and 2 standard for Internet communication.

C. It defines a standard model used to describe how networking works.

D. It connects multiple sites such as routers located in different countries.


Correct answer: A


Question 4


Which two statements describe features or functions of the logical link control sublayer in Ethernet standards? (Choose two.)


A. Logical link control is implemented in software.

B. Logical link control is specified in the IEEE 802.3 standard.

C. The LLC sublayer adds a header and a trailer to the data.

D. The data link layer uses LLC to communicate with the upper layers of the protocol suite.

E. The LLC sublayer is responsible for the placement and retrieval of frames on and off the media.


Correct answer: AD


Question 5


What statement describes a characteristic of MAC addresses?


A. They must be globally unique.

B. They are only routable within the private network.

C. They are added as part of a Layer 3 PDU.

D. They have a 32-bit binary value.


Correct answer: A


Question 6


Which statement is true about MAC addresses?


A. MAC addresses are implemented by software.

B. A NIC only needs a MAC address if connected to a WAN.

C. The first three bytes are used by the vendor assigned OUI.

D. The ISO is responsible for MAC addresses regulations


Correct answer: C


Question 7


 Which destination address is used in an ARP request frame?






E. 01-00-5E-00-AA-23


Correct answer: C


Question 8


What addressing information is recorded by a switch to build its MAC address table?


A. the destination Layer 3 address of incoming packets

B. the destination Layer 2 address of outgoing frames

C. the source Layer 3 address of outgoing packets

D. the source Layer 2 address of incoming frames


Correct answer: D


Question 9


Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows a small switched network and the contents of the MAC address table of the switch. PC1 has sent a frame addressed to PC3. What will the switch do with the frame?


A. The switch will discard the frame.

B. The switch will forward the frame only to port 2.

C. The switch will forward the frame to all ports except port 4.

D. The switch will forward the frame to all ports.

E. The switch will forward the frame only to ports 1 and 3


Correct answer: C


Question 10


Which switching method uses the CRC value in a frame?


A. cut-through

B. fast-forward

C. fragment-free

D. store-and-forward


Correct answer: D


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