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The project manager started a new project and must ensure that the team members and stakeholders are adequately trained. After an interview with the team, the project manager discovers that all resources have experience in different agile methodologies.

What should the project manager do?


A. Ensure the team has a common understanding of agile.

B. Teach one agile methodology fully and completely.

C. Make sure the project team is aware of all agile techniques.

D. Skip the training because the team already understands agile.


Correct Answer: B





While developing a new product, a key stakeholder expresses concern about insufficient information on product feature requirements. The product team disagrees and mentions that detailed requirements have been provided.

What should the project manager do to handle this situation?


A. Organize a discussion with the product team to clarify the missing information.

B. Conduct new risk and scope analyses, identifying the missing information.

C. Record the new requirements and ask the product team to develop them.

D. Redirect the stakeholder to discuss this request with the functional manager.


Correct Answer: A




During a project’s third iteration, two of the existing team members were replaced. As the project entered the next iteration, the team velocity dropped and the performance started to slip.

What should the project manager do?


A. Discuss the decrease in productivity with human resources

B. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor.

C. Convene a team building event to address key performance indicators(KPIs).

D. Guide the team to revert back to the forming and storming stages


Correct Answer: C




The sponsor is supportive in leveraging agile approaches. The project manager is contemplating how to roll out the agile approach and gain buy-in from both project team members and stakeholders.

What should the project manager do frst?


A. Determine how to transform the organization using agile techniques, including organizational training and communications

B. Start with a pilot project of appropriate complexity, and provide agile training to those who are impacted

C. Determine which agile software tools will be required to support agile delivery within the organization

D. Select a current predictive project, define the approach, and provide agile training to execute the remainder of the project


Correct Answer: A


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In a hybrid project, the customer has issued a contract that specifies the deliverables for each quarter. The customer wants to show their stakeholders a tangible outcome in the first quarter and wants to move the second milestone to the first quarter. The project manager explains to the customer that it is not feasible unless the requirements for the second milestone are changed.

Which two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)


A. Escalate the issue to upper management to resolve the problem, and suggest a plan

B. Convince the customer to leave the second milestone in place and not change it

C. Tell the customer that moving the milestone has a very high impact on the cost of the project

D. Go back to the development team and discuss which second milestone requirements can be performed in the first quarter

E. Ask the customer for their priorities regarding the  requirements for the second milestone.


Correct Answer: CE




A project manager in a quickly growing hybrid organization is becoming increasingly frustrated at the rapid amount of change in daily operations. Several newer team members have already left the team or have been promoted to other roles in the organization.

What should the project manager do to ensure the project governance remains stable?


A. Work with senior leadership to update the organizational process assets(OPAS)

B. Develop anew social contract to empower the team.

C. Update the project management plan on a regular basis.

D. Update the team charter with new team member.


Correct Answer: B




A project manager is planning the next release for the software development team. The team completed two releases to date, and the product backlog for the next release has been confirmed.

Which tools should the project manager use to plan the duration for the next release?


A. Burndown chart user stories, and retrospective notes

B. Business requirements document, product owner calendar, and user stories

C. Work breakdown structure (WBS), product roadmap, and resource calendar

D. Retrospective notes, product roadmap, and test cases


Correct Answer: B




A project manager is building a project team. All of the project team members have worked on previous projects. One of the team members is known for challenging most organizational procedures and processes.

What should the project manager do first to ensure a smooth project initiation?


A. Review the organizational process assets (OPAS) with all team members and establish groundrules.

B. Ask the project sponsor to replace or remove the troubled team member.

C. Ask the project sponsor to define the ground rules and share them with the team members.

D. Set up a meeting with the team members to review the project management plan.


Correct Answer: A




A company is starting a project to implement a service center. The initial project planning is complete, and a project management plan has been dratted, with a project duration of 24 months. The project sponsor has requested that the first site be completed within the next three months. The project manager thinks it is a good idea to use an agile approach.

What should the project manager do first?


A. Submit a change request to modify the project duration to three months

B. Gather the project team together to create a team charter

C. Request the product owner to propose products pecifications

D. Facilitate a planning session for the first site.


Correct Answer: C




During the final stage of a project, one of the key stakeholders asks the project manager to debrief the executive board about the return on investment (ROI) and any relevant new commercial value identified during project implementation.

What should the project manager do next?


A. Review the cost management plan.

B. Review the cost-benefit analysis.

C. Review the benefits management plan.

D. Review the financial success factors.


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