Today, cloud certification is the most effective technique to distinguish yourself from other applicants for Cloud Computing employment. Certifications prove to recruiters that you possess the required abilities and expertise. This article on the most acceptable Cloud certifications describes the certifications you should pursue based on your knowledge and desired position.
Cloud computing has expanded in recent years in job prospects, research, and technological improvements. Cloud Computing is one of the most pleasing possibilities for IT professionals, as demand for specialists in this field continues to grow. If they haven’t already, most businesses are transferring to the cloud. To store, access, and execute many other operations on corporate data, they want cloud specialists with the necessary expertise and abilities. In this article, SPOTO will show more information about AWS certification, Keep reading!

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Which AWS Certifications Are Most Popular?

Currently, all AWS certifications are very high demand. However, the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and AWS Certified Security certificates seem to be the most in demand at the time. The first focuses on the DevOps job, while the second is a specialty test that teaches you the finest cloud security procedures. Below are ten most popular AWS Certifications:

1. Google Cloud Architect Professional Certification

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect or GCP Cloud Architect certification is one of the top entry-level Cloud certifications that test all the abilities and knowledge necessary to work with Google Cloud’s multiple technologies. In this test, you will evaluate your ability to develop, create, plan, and manage an organization’s safe, resilient, dynamic, and scalable cloud systems.

In addition, the certification exam will evaluate your ability to create cloud-based services and applications, optimize and analyze various business processes, your knowledge of software development methodologies, and more. This cloud certification is more accessible than the majority of others.

Nevertheless, GCP Cloud Architect is one of the most valid credentials and extraordinary Google Cloud certification, particularly for those who aspire to pursue a career as a Cloud Architect.

2. Microsoft Certified: Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is a cloud certification for Microsoft Azure that validates your grasp of Azure, cloud fundamentals, Azure pricing SLAs, Azure services, and more. Additionally, the certification exam will evaluate your understanding of Azure’s privacy, security, and compliance. Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is one of the most prestigious Azure Cloud certifications with a lifetime validity period.

This certification exam helps you to demonstrate your core understanding of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure. This certification examination is open to anybody, regardless of their technical expertise. In addition, by choosing this Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, you may take the first step toward becoming a cloud services specialist. This is one of the most outstanding Cloud certifications for novices with no prior expertise.

An Azure-certified professional earns an annual salary of $96,649 on average.

3. Microsoft Certified: Expert Azure Solutions Architect

This expert-level Azure cloud certification will help you show your mastery in designing solutions on Azure, as well as storage, compute, and security. Those who take this certification test must have extensive knowledge and expertise in various IT operations fields, including data management virtualization, networking, budgeting, disaster recovery, and security. In addition, you must know about DevOps, Azure development, Azure management, and other such modules.

In-depth knowledge and abilities in installing and configuring infrastructure, implementing security and workload, building and deploying applications, etc., are required to pass this certification test.

To get this credential and become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect professional, you must pass the AZ:300 and AZ:301 exams.

Azure Architects get an annual compensation of $98,921 on average.

4. Microsoft Certified: Associate Azure Administrator

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification is intended for cloud administrators currently working in the industry. To get this certification, you must be able to manage Azure governance and identity, deploy and manage Azure resources, implement and manage storage, and more.

Possessing at least six months of previous experience in Azure management and proficiency with Azure’s essential services might be advantageous. In addition, you must have expertise working with the Azure portal, PowerShell, Azure resource management templates, and the Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI). In addition, proficiency in administering virtual networks, virtual machines, and Azure application services might be advantageous.

Azure administrators average $64,886 per year in the United States. 

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5. Certified Google Professional Data Engineer

The Google Certified Professional Data Engineer credential needs more than three years of professional experience and at least one year of hands-on experience creating and supporting cloud systems using the Google Cloud Platform. It is designed mainly for Data Engineers with the abilities essential to work with GCP.

This cloud certification assesses your knowledge in designing, developing, securing, and managing data processing systems. Additionally, you should be able to prepare data processing systems for operation and construct Machine Learning models. In addition, to maximize the data processing capabilities of GCP, you must convert the business data into an analysis-friendly format.

Data Engineers with cloud expertise make an average annual income of $92,378.

6. AWS Certified System Operations Administrator

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification is intended for individuals with at least one year of experience as a System Administrator in AWS operations, administration, and deployment. In addition, this certification exam will assess your ability to build and regulate data flow, determine the best use cases for AWS operations, and choose an AWS service based on your needs.

Typically, professionals such as Operations Managers, System Administrators, etc., choose this certification to demonstrate their knowledge and get a certificate. You may nevertheless take the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification exam if you are a programmer or developer who wishes to expand and broaden your skill set.

To sit for this exam, you should have over one year of expertise in auditing and monitoring systems, expert knowledge in networking and virtualization, an awareness of security principles, and hands-on familiarity with API tools, AWS CLI, etc.

An AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate earns around $108,995 yearly in compensation.

7. Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS introduced the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification exam in 2013. It is intended for Solutions Architects with at least one year of experience developing and constructing AWS-based solutions. The primary purpose of the exam is to assess your knowledge of application architecture and cloud-based application deployment.

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential is ideal for individuals interested in developing reference architectures and cloud infrastructures or installing applications. It is one of the most well-known AWS Cloud certifications. In this certification exam, you will also be evaluated on your ability to come up with solutions based on client needs and to provide assistance in implementing architectural design principles throughout the project’s life cycle.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate salaries average $113,580 per year.

8. Associate AWS Certified Developer

AWS Developer Associate is one of the most sought-after certificates in the world, designed for cloud development professionals with at least one year of experience creating and maintaining AWS-based applications. It verifies your knowledge of various programming languages, AWS architecture, AWS’s primary services, application lifecycle management, and more.

To pass this certification test, you must also be an expert in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications on the Amazon cloud and be able to write code for serverless applications. To pass the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification test and become an expert in this field, you must possess all of the necessary technical knowledge and abilities.
The average income of an AWS Certified Developer – Associate, is $101,080 per year.


9. CompTIA Cloud Plus

The goal of the CompTIA Cloud+ certification is to determine if you possess all the necessary abilities for managing and optimizing cloud infrastructure services. This performance-based, vendor-neutral examination utilizes many technologies to evaluate your in-depth understanding and proficiency with cloud infrastructure services. During preparation for the exam, you will get a fundamental understanding of the three major cloud vendors: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam will assess your knowledge of cloud resource management, deployment and configuration, system maintenance, security, and troubleshooting. Although it is not required, you should have two to three years of work experience as a System Administrator before taking this test.

CompTIA Cloud+ specialists earn an average of $67,542 per year.

10. Professional in Cloud Security Certification (CCSP)

Certified Cloud Security Professional is one of the most popular IT certifications that verifies your technical knowledge and abilities in managing, creating, and protecting cloud applications, data, and infrastructure. The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 provides this certification. To pass this test, you must be able to complete the required activities utilizing the best (ISC)2 policies, practices, and methods. To successfully pass the CCSP test, you may refer to our study guide.

Multiple Cloud Computing modules, design, architecture, risk compliance, and security are evaluated. It is suggested that you have more than five years of professional experience in the industry, with at least three years in the information security domain and one year in at least one of the six industries covered by the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge. It is the credential of choice for cloud professionals, such as Security Administrators, Security Architects, Enterprise Architects, Security Consultants, and others.

CCSP professionals with (ISC)2 certification make an average yearly income of $118,122.

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