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Question: 1


A new project manager is planning an information security project for a company that resides in different countries. What is the first step the project manager should take to gather customer requirements?


A. Conduct a stakeholder analysis to identify how regional policies may influence needs
B. Request relevant stakeholders to conduct an analysis and reach consensus independently
C. Conduct a project scope review workshop with relevant stakeholders.
D. Conduct project planning meetings in one location with relevant stakeholders


Correct Answer: A


Question: 2


A project team with members from many different countries is struggling to cooperate The project manager accepted these difficulties during the storming phase of team development, but the team has not moved to the next phase The project is beginning to fall behind schedule
What can the project manager do to move the team to the norming phase?


A. Plan social activities to help foster stronger interpersonal relationships and identify shared goals.
B. Speak with the project sponsor about changing the team composition
C. Figure out who is behind the issues and apply progressive disciplinary techniques.
D. Show the team the schedule impact of their communication issues and encourage them to put their differences aside


Correct Answer: A


Question: 3


A company’s project management office (PMO) has been trying to implement an adaptive approach in the project management framework and a project manager has been asked to use adaptive tools in their next project This is not the first time the request has been made and the previous project failed when adaptive tools were implemented
What should the project manager do?


A. Prepare a change request and seek approval from the steering committee regarding the new project framework
B. Conduct individual interviews with key stakeholders in order to understand all concerns, then prepare a communications management plan
C. Bring in a third party company to develop and implement a hybrid framework for this specific project.
D. Recommend to the PMO that it is not the right time to start implementing adaptive tools in projects


Correct Answer: C


Question: 4


To estimate the costs of a new project that is similar to a project that was implemented last year, the project manager meets with a group of experts from the previous project The group uses a three-point estimating technique The project manager submits the estimated budget to the project sponsor for approval The project sponsor, who is new to the company, is concerned because the budget exceeded their expectations
What should the project manager do?


A. Review the organizational process assessment to determine if a contingency reserve was considered in the budget estimate
B. Review the historical information and lessons learned from last year’s project to justify the new budget estimate
C. Change the budgeting technique to a more accurate, bottom-up cost estimation.
D. Use soft skills to convince the project sponsor to approve the new budget estimate


Correct Answer: D

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Question: 5


The project manager is having difficulty obtaining approval of the project requirements because there is disagreement among the project stakeholders This issue is putting the project schedule at risk
What should the project manager do first to facilitate the approval of project requirements’?


A. Review the project charter
B. Perform a stakeholder analysis
C. Identify the source of the disagreement
D. Hold a team-building event


Correct Answer: C



Question 6


A company is considering two projects, Alpha and Beta. Project Alpha is expected to result in a $50 million net profit, while project Beta and is expected to net $45 million. Both projects could be very lucrative and rewarding. However, the financial controller has stated that the company can only invest in one of these projects.

If project Alpha is selected, what will be the opportunity cost?


A. $95 million
B. $50 million
C. $45 million
D. $5 million


Correct answer: C


Question 7


You are managing a project to build five bridges. The project consists of five sequential phases with each phase delivering one bridge.

After the first phase of the project is complete, which process group of the second phase should follow?


A. Initiating
B. Planning
C. Executing
D. Closing


Correct answer: A


Question 8


The project aims to investigate the feasibility of constructing a hydroelectric dam from a technical, economic, and social point of view. The project charter created by the project manager on behalf of the project sponsor is now approved.

Which of the following processes should be performed next?


A. Develop Project Management Plan
B. Identify Risks
C. Identify Stakeholders
D. Develop Project Charter


Correct answer: C


Question 9


You are managing a software upgrade project for your company. Your project sponsor has a great deal of authority regarding project decisions, but you recently discovered that he doesn’t have much interest in your project. To complete the project successfully, you need your project sponsor’s continuous support.

What stakeholder management strategy should you use with your project sponsor?


A. Keep the sponsor satisfied
B. Manage the sponsor closely
C. Monitor the sponsor’s actions
D. Keep the sponsor informed


Correct answer: A


Question 10


The project sponsor asks for a copy of the document that contains the description, owner, source, priority, and status of product requirements.

Which project document is the project sponsor requesting?


A. The requirements management plan
B. The requirements traceability matrix
C. The scope management plan
D. The work breakdown structure (WBS)


Correct answer: B

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