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Question 1


What are two benefits of using the PortFast feature? (Choose two)

A. Enabled interfaces are automatically placed in listening state
B. Enabled interfaces come up and move to the forwarding state immediately
C. Enabled interfaces never generate topology change notifications.
D. Enabled interfaces that move to the learning state generate switch topology change notifications
E. Enabled interfaces wait 50 seconds before they move to the forwarding state


Correct Answer:ABC


Question 2


Which 802.11 frame type is indicated by a probe response after a client sends a probe request?

A. action
B. management
C. control
D. data


Correct Answer:B


Question 3


What is the purpose of the ip address hcp command?


A. to configure an Interface as a DHCP server
B. to configure an interface as a DHCP helper
C. to configure an interface as a DHCP relay
D. to configure an interface as a DHCP client


Correct Answer: D


Question 4


Which function does an SNMP agent perform?

A. it sends information about MIB variables in response to requests from the NMS
B. it coordinates user authentication between a network device and a TACACS+ or RADIUS server
C. it requests information from remote network nodes about catastrophic system events.
D. it manages routing between Layer 3 devices in a network


Correct Answer: A

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Question 5


Which implementation provides the strongest encryption combination for the wireless environment?



Correct Answer: A


Question 6


What is the primary effect of the spanning-tree portfast command?

A. It enables BPDU messages
B. It minimizes spanning-tree convergence time
C. It immediately puts the port into the forwarding state when the switch is reloaded
D. It immediately enables the port in the listening state


Correct Answer: B


Question 7


What are two benefits of network automation? (Choose two)

A. reduced operational costs
B. reduced hardware footprint
C. faster changes with more reliable results
D. fewer network failures
E. increased network security


Correct Answer: AC


Question 8


If a notice-level messaging is sent to a syslog server, which event has occurred?


A. A network device has restarted.

B. An ARP inspection has failed.
C. A routing instance has flapped.
D. A debug operation is running.


Correct Answer: C


Question 9


What is a characteristic of the REST API?


A. evolved into what became SOAP
B. used for exchanging XML structured information over HTTP or SMTP
C. considered slow, complex, and rigid
D. most widely used API for web services


Correct Answer: D


Question 10


What is the purpose of traffic shaping?


A. to mitigate delays over slow links
B. to provide fair queuing for buffered flows
C. to limit the bandwidth that a flow can use to
D. be a marking mechanism that identifies different flows


Correct Answer: B


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