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Question 1


A project manager is performing quality assurance for a project whose quality standards are very stringent. In order to meet and exceed the quality requirements, the project manager uses a set of technical guidelines, which were applied during the design phase of the project to optimize quality.

What tool or technique is the project manager using in this scenario?


A. Design for X (DfX) where the X in DfX represents the quality aspect of the product
B. Design of experiments (DOE) as a quality improvement methodology
C. The Manage Quality process to ensure compliance with project quality requirements
D. Process analysis to identify opportunities for process improvements


Correct Answer:A


Question 2


You have compiled a list of potential stakeholders for your project, and now you are classifying the stakeholders with regard to the direction of their influence. As you work through your way down the list of stakeholders, you have come to the project sponsor.

How should this stakeholder be classified?


A. Downward
B. Sideward
C. Outward
D. Upward


Correct Answer:D


Question 3


During project planning, the project team rigorously defined the project scope. During project execution, a senior engineer calls the project manager and suggests a simpler and more efficient design which could benefit the project.

What should the project manager do next?


A. Nothing, no changes are needed since the project scope was rigorously defined
B. Discuss the change with the project sponsor
C. Evaluate the impact of the proposed change on the project constraints
D. Ask that the engineer submit a change request


Correct Answer:D


Question 4


You are working with a team to estimate how much time is required for each activity. You are using a document that contains information on the categories of labor, material, and equipment required to complete the project. You are also interested in the skill levels, required certifications, and the grade levels for supplies.

Which of the following documents would you primarily refer to for this purpose?


A. Resource breakdown structure
B. Organizational breakdown structure
C. Work breakdown structure
D. Risk breakdown structure


Correct Answer:A

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Question 5


While performing project work, a team member notices that there is a potential new risk, which could impact the project’s critical path.

What should the team member do immediately?


A. Recommend the project be placed on hold for a day to avoid the risk
B. Document the risk in the risk register
C. Draft an emergency fallback plan since the critical path is in jeopardy
D. Generate a risk report using quantitative and quantitative analysis of the identified risk to alert the team of the schedule impacts


Correct Answer:B


Question 6


You are managing a project that is nearing its end and planning to settle all pending claims with the vendors. In one case, you are not satisfied with the delivery of their final product. All conversations with the vendor have ended in an impasse.

What should you do in this situation?


A. Pay the vendor as some products were delivered
B. Take the vendor to court
C. Discontinue further meetings with the vendor and hold back payment
D. Identify some form of alternative dispute resolution


Correct Answer:D


Question 7


Your company was awarded a contract that includes a 10% bonus payment if the project is completed two months early. You consider several options to exploit this opportunity.

What is the best course of action for you to increase the chances of receiving the bonus?


A. Reduce project scope
B. Level resources
C. Crash the schedule
D. Purchase insurance


Correct Answer:C


Question 8


The quality management plan specifies the use of a data representation technique to show the strength of relationships between four factors.

Which of the following tools or techniques should be used to comply with the plan?


A. Affinity diagram
B. Matrix diagram
C. Scatter diagram
D. Quality diagram


Correct Answer:B


Question 9


You have just taken over a project in which some of the deliverables will be produced by external vendors. You want to familiarize yourself with those who are involved in the project from the sellers’ side.

Where would you look to obtain this information?


A. Bid documents
B. Stakeholder register
C. Seller proposals
D. Stakeholder engagement plan


Correct Answer:B


Question 10


Your project has been plagued with numerous change requests.

What is the most likely reason?


A. Incomplete stakeholder register
B. Lack of a detailed procedure to close the project
C. Failure to implement risk responses
D. Change management plan did not authorize a change control board


Correct Answer:A


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