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Question 1


Which two statements about exterior routing protocols are true? (Choose two.)


A. They determine the optimal within an autonomous system

B. They determine the optimal path between autonomous systems.

C. BGP is the current standard exterior routing protocol.

D. Most modern networking supports both EGP and BGP for external routing.

E. Most modern network routers support both EGP and EIGRP for external routing.


Correct answer: ABC


Question 2


What is the destination MAC address of a broadcast frame?

A. 00:00:0c:07:ac:01

B. ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

C. 43:2e:08:00:00:0c

D. 00:00:0c:43:2e:08

E. 00:00:0c:ff:ff:ff


Correct answer: B


Question 3


Which two statements about EtherChannel technology are true? (Choose two.)

A. EtherChannel provides increased bandwidth by bundling existing FastEthernet or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces into a single EtherChannel.

B. STP does not block EtherChannel links.

C. You can configure multiple EtherChannel links between two switches, using up to a limit of sixteen physical ports.

D. EtherChannel does not allow load sharing of traffic among the physical links within the EtherChannel.

E. EtherChannel allows redundancy in case one or more links in the EtherChannel fail.


Correct answer: AE


Question 4


Which plane is centralized by an SON controller?

A. management-plane

B. control-plane

C. data-plane

D. services-plane


Correct answer: B

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Question 5


What is a requirement for nonoverlapping Wi-Fi channels?

A. different security settings

B. discontinuous frequency ranges

C. different transmission speeds

D. unique SSIDs


Correct answer: B


Question 6


What is the primary purpose of a First Hop Redundancy Protocol?

A. It allows directly connected neighbors to share configuration information.

B. It allows a router to use bridge priorities to create multiple loop-free paths to a single destination.

C. It reduces routing failures by allowing Layer 3 load balancing between OSPF neighbors that have the same link metric.

D. It reduces routing failures by allowing more than one router to represent itself, as the default gateway of a network.


Correct answer: D


Question 7


An implementer is preparing hardware for virtualization to create virtual machines on a host.

What is needed to provide communication between hardware and virtual machines?


A. hypervisorcorrect

B. router

C. straight cablewrong

D. switch


Correct answer: A


Question 8


What are two reasons for an engineer to configure a floating state route? (Choose two)

A. to automatically route traffic on a secondary path when the primary path goes down

B. to route traffic differently based on the source IP of the packet

C. to enable fallback static routing when the dynamic routing protocol fails

D. to support load balancing via static routing

E. to control the return path of traffic that is sent from the router


Correct answer: AC


Question 9


Why was the RFC 1918 address space defined?

A. conserve public IPv4 address incorrect

B. preserve public IPv6 address space

C. reduce instances of overlapping IP addresses

D. support the NAT protocol


Correct answer: A


Question 10


What is a difference between local AP mode and FiexConnet AP mode?

A. Local AP mode creates two CAPWAP tunnels per AP to the WLCcorrect

B. FiexConnect AP mode fails to function if me AP loses connectivity with the WLC

C. FlexConnect AP mode bridges the traffic from the AP to the WLC when local switching is configured

D. Local AP mode causes the AP to behave as if it were an autonomous AP


Correct answer: A


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