You could be a Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician and help others with their Windows-based problems. Continue reading this article from SPOTO to find out more about Microsoft certifications that lead to careers in computer support.

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Essential Information

Microsoft’s Certified Desktop Support Certification (MCDST) was discontinued shortly after Microsoft upgraded its operating systems for businesses and consumers (from XP to Windows 7 and beyond). This professional certification is for those who are interested in careers in computer support. Those interested in recertifying or starting a career can apply for certificates for Microsoft’s latest operating systems (Windows 8 & 10). These credentials are optional but can be used to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to solve problems with Windows systems.

Microsoft Professional Certification

Microsoft certifications are usually voluntary. However, obtaining one or more certificates could increase your chances of getting a job in information technology. Many employers prefer to hire people with certification. Employers can be confident that you have attained a minimum knowledge, skill, and proficiency level.
The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), if you are new to the field, might be a good choice. It demonstrates basic skills with Microsoft desktop software. This credential starts with one exam in a fundamental area of IT. The candidate can then continue to build their credentials by taking more detailed examinations in the same field. Individuals who have IT experience and those with a strong understanding of Windows can skip the MTA. This exam is not required to obtain the Microsoft Solutions Associate (MSCA), or the Microsoft Solutions Expert (MCSE), certifications.

Computer Support Specialists

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that computer user support specialists (help desk technicians) assist non-IT customers with problems with software, hardware, and computer systems. They often work remotely and communicate via e-mail or phone. It is crucial that they listen to their clients and diagnose the problem correctly. The technicians may use specific diagnostic programs to resolve hardware or software problems. They often guide the client with verbal and written instructions. Support services companies may employ help-desk technicians who perform their duties temporarily.

Computer Network Support Specialists

These professionals are also known as technical support specialists and work in the IT department of an organization to make sure that networks run smoothly. They can troubleshoot problems with local area networks (LANs), WANs, or other online/network systems. Usually, they communicate with IT staff. They are also responsible for network maintenance and file backups. This plays a crucial role in loss prevention.

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