Technical-based certification is a critical component of the IT industry. The key to enhancing your technical skills is the Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 certificate. Microsoft 70-461 also measures your ability and willingness to perform technological tasks. This exam will allow you to obtain MCSE or MCSA certifications. In this article, SPOTO provides you with a complete introduction to this exam and certification.

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Not surprisingly, Microsoft certifications are more valuable than those who are not certified. Microsoft is a well-respected company in the workplace and amongst its employees.
This blog will also discuss the Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam. This blog is for you.
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 (70-461 Exam
Microsoft is a well-known company. Microsoft certification will open up new opportunities and help you be recognized worldwide. The Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam is a valuable asset for many people. This exam will improve your technical skills. The exam is staffed by IT professionals. The Microsoft 70-461 exam will test your knowledge in Databases, troubleshooting, and optimizing queries.
Microsoft has raised the bar for certifications. This has allowed many people to obtain a professional title with the required knowledge and hard work. Microsoft has opened many doors to opportunities.
Microsoft 70-461 Exam Framework
Are you aware? The Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam can be taken in English or many other languages. This includes Chinese (Simplified), French (German), Japanese (Brazil), and Japanese (Japan).

Creating database objects:
First, create and modify tables using T-SQL syntax.
Second, designing and changing design views.
The next step is to create and modify constraints.
Finally, you can create and modify DML triggers.
Working with data
This article will teach you about.
Use SELECT statements to query data.
Then, implement sub-queries.
Next, execute data type and aggregate queries.
Moreover, XML data management and querying are possible.
Modifying data
First, create and modify stored procedures.
After that, modify data using the INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
Next, combine data and work with functions.
Troubleshooting & Optimizing :
Optimizing queries and managing transactions are two of the first priorities.
Then, evaluate the use of row-based vs. set-based operations.
Lastly, implementing error handling.
Who is the best Microsoft candidate (70-461)?
First, the Microsoft 70-461 exam will help you to validate your ability to write queries.
You will need to have at least two years of experience in order to pass this exam.
Let’s now see who is the best fit for this role.
The following picture will help you to better understand this.
Exam Scoring
Microsoft offers a variety of guidelines to help you score your Microsoft 70-461 exam.
First, 700 is the minimum passing score for all Microsoft technical exams. This means that a score of 700 or more is considered a pass, and a score below 700 is a failure.
A detailed exam report will be sent to you after a few days. This score report will contain details about how you performed on the exam.
Additionally, you will have 120 minutes to answer 40-60 questions in the exam.
You will be notified within minutes of passing or failing your exam.
You will receive exam question types in the next step.
Exam Scheduling
Microsoft scheduling isn’t that complicated. This is why you should read the following steps.
First, log in to the Microsoft portal.
Next, click on the “schedule exam” link to schedule your exam.
You will need to complete all details on the next page.
Next, you will be able to select the exam delivery option from Pearson VUE.
Finally, you will need to pay the exam fees. Your registration will then be complete.
Next, you’ll learn more about the exam retake policies.
Exam Review:
Yes, it is possible to take the exam again. Microsoft has some guidelines and policies for the retake of the exam.
You should remember,
If you fail to pass the Microsoft 70-461 exam, you must wait at least 24 hours before you reschedule.
A fee will be charged if your exam is canceled or rescheduled within five business days. You could also lose the entire cost.
You are not allowed to take the exam more than five times per calendar year.
Most importantly, you can’t take the exam again if you pass it.
Next, you’ll be given querying and resolution tips.
Exam Doubts/Queries
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2014 exam has all the information you need.
There are also many websites that can answer your questions and provide details about the exam, collected only from you.
Microsoft Instructor-Led Training
SPOTO offers Instructor-Led Training, which is an online training and learning session. This instructor-led course will help you to create queries. This will also help you tremendously during preparations. You will also enjoy flexible scheduling and fast responses.
Microsoft Learning Path
The Microsoft website has all the latest information and details about the Microsoft 70-461exam. It is wise to gather information before you start preparation. Microsoft has provided Microsoft Learn to help you reach your goals. You will also be able to create your own learning plan with greater confidence.

Practice before taking the exam
Microsoft offers course practice tests, which you can easily access here. This includes all exam-related content that will assist you in your preparation.
This will allow you to gain hands-on experience in the workplace with clear explanations of right and wrong answers.
The most crucial aspect of every exam is the role played by practice questions. You cannot be perfect without practice. Microsoft offers practice courses that can assist you in exam preparation.
You can also use TestPrep training to practice questions. They also have experts who keep you updated on the latest questions and provide regular updates.
Study Plan
Let’s take, for example, the scenario where you prepare for the exam but don’t have a study plan. This won’t help you. So, better preparation needs better study resources. You will need to research exam-related content in order to have better study materials. You can find everything online. You need to be focused on a few key points. This certification should be attainable with a clear mind. You should have no doubts about anything. Clear it must be clear before you can start.
The next step is exam concepts.
Selecting Good Exam concepts
You will need to prepare for Microsoft 70-461 exam by creating a topic-specific timetable. You can either the Microsoft website for more information or take an online course.
You can also use the internet to find Training Programs to get the best study materials.
These programs will also benefit you in the preparation phase. This program will provide expert guidance for answering your questions. You can also access information from other websites.
Skills and Abilities
This is how many years of experience you have in the exam-related field. This is the amount of technical knowledge and skills that you have. You must also be able to concentrate on the details and understand them. You must also validate your ability to create databases and write queries.
You can apply online for both side-by-side. The most important thing is to remember that self-preparation is the only way to go. It doesn’t matter what. You need to make it a habit to spend at least 3-4 hours studying each day. You can also increase your study time.
You must also keep an eye on any updates to the exam.
You can also look at the FAQs, which will give you exam-related information.
End Syllabus
I’m sure you all love this “Finally!” End of the syllabus. These words will make you happy, but it is important to take a break. You have to work harder. Start from scratch and make a quick edit.
The next step is to begin evaluating yourself by running your own test series. There is nothing to be concerned about. You can pass the exam, and you will. It is essential to practice hard and work diligently.
The Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam (70-461) will test your ability to write queries. You will also need to be able to create database objects and troubleshoot and optimize queries. This exam will help you build a career in the technical-based industry. Practice is the only thing that really matters. It is important to practice your answering skills. You can pass this exam, and there are no obstacles to your success. Only you can stop this exam from passing.  SPOTO is always here to help!

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