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Question 1


 What is a difference between local AP mode and FiexConnet AP mode?


A. Local AP mode creates two CAPWAP tunnels per AP to the WLC
B. FiexConnect AP mode fails to function if me AP loses connectivity with the WLC
C. FlexConnect AP mode bridges the traffic from the AP to the WLC when local switching is configured
D. Local AP mode causes the AP to behave as if it were an autonomous AP


Correct answer: A


Question 2


Which WAN topology provides a combination of simplicity quality, and availability?


A. partial mesh
B. full mesh
C. point-to-point
D. hub-and-spoke


Correct answer: C


Question 3


Which Layer 2 switch function encapsulates packets for different VLANs so that the packets traverse the same port and maintain traffic separation between the VLANs?


A. VLAN numbering
C. VLAN tagging
D. VLAN marking


Correct answer: C


Question 4


Which action does the router take as rt forwards a packet through the network?


A. The router replaces the source and desinaoon labels with the sending router uterface label as a source and the next hop router label as a desbnabon
B. The router encapsulates the source and destination IP addresses with the sending router P address as the source and the neighbor IP address as the destination
C. The router replaces the original source and destination MAC addresses with the sending router MAC address as the source and neighbor MAC address as the destination
D. The router encapsulates the original packet and then includes a tag that identifies the source router MAC address and transmit transparently to the destination


Correct answer: C


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Question 5


Which two pieces of information can you learn by viewing the routing table? (Choose two)


A. whether an ACL was applied inbound or outbound to an interface
B. the EIGRP or BGP autonomous system
C. whether the administrative distance was manually or dynamically configured
D. Which neighbor adjacencies are established
E. the length of time that a route has been known


Correct answer: ACE


Question 6


Which WLC port connects to a switch to pass normal access-point traffic?


A. redundancy
B. console
C. distribution system
D. service


Correct answer: C


Question 7


Which WPA3 enhancement protects against hackers viewing traffic on the Wi-Fi network?


A. TKiP encryption
B. AES encryption
C. scrambled encryption key
D. SAE encryption


Correct answer: D


Question 8


Which two outcomes are predictable behaviors for HSRP? (Choose two)


A. The two routers share a virtual IP address that is used as the default gateway for devices on the LA
B. The two routers negotiate one router as the active router and the other as the standby router.
C. Each router has a different IP address both routers act as the default gateway on the LAN, and traffic is load balanced between them.
D. The two routers synchronize configurations to provide consistent packet forwarding.
E. The two routed share the same IP address, and default gateway traffic is load-balanced between them.


Correct answer: A


Question 9


What are two improvements provided by automation for network management in an SDN environment? (Choose two)


A. Data collection and analysis tools establish a baseline for the network
B. Artificial intelligence identifies and prevents potential design failures.
C. Machine learning minimizes the overall error rate when automating troubleshooting processes
D. New devices are onboarded with minimal effort
E. Proprietary Cisco APIs leverage multiple network management tools.


Correct answer: ABE


Question 10


What is a practice that protects a network from VLAN hopping attacks?


A. Enable dynamic ARP inspection
B. Configure an ACL to prevent traffic from changing VLANs
C. Change native VLAN to an unused VLAN ID
D. Implement port security on internet-facing VLANs


Correct answer: C


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