As companies, individuals, and organizations move to online environments, they are seeing an increase in demand for IT professionals.

Microsoft Azure is one platform that facilitates the digital transformation of various sectors and businesses. Cloud computing is growing at an unprecedented rate with the three major cloud computing giants, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure (AWS), and Amazon Web Services. This is causing cloud computing to grow at an incredible pace, which is, in turn, pushing it to the next level. There is general agreement that Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is safer, faster, and more affordable than on-premise servers. Know more information, please contact SPOTO.

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This surge in IT professionals’ demand is a chance to profit from the rapidly growing market and to identify ways to be more attractive to recruiters. A Microsoft Azure certification, or one in Google Cloud Platform or AWS, is a great way to demonstrate competence and dedication.

This article will discuss Microsoft Azure certification options that you can use to improve your career and skills, as well as tips for choosing the proper Azure certification to meet your professional needs.

Why Do I Need Microsoft Azure Certification?

A Microsoft Azure certification will allow you to take advantage of the increasing demand for skilled professionals. It also gives you better career opportunities, as recruiters are more open to platform-certified candidates. Cloud computing is proliferating. It’s obvious. The current shortage of skilled professionals cannot meet the demand. You can gain professional benefits by enrolling in an Azure certification program.

· Higher salaries

· Increased benefits

· High-profile jobs

· You have the freedom to choose your own location.

· You have more bargaining power when choosing between companies.

These are only a few benefits that come with a Microsoft Azure certification. You get more benefits as a certified professional. Cloud computing professionals are needed in all sectors, whether you’re an IT professional looking for a career change or a current specialist. They also make good salaries.

Health, finance, and e-commerce are some of the most in-demand sectors for Azure-certified holders. These industries know that hiring professionals who have a Microsoft Azure certificate to manage their cloud environments can result in more efficient storage, networking, computing, and other benefits. This saves money and improves the quality and speed of their service.

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certifications


If you’re wondering whether an Azure certification is worth the effort, the answer is that recruiters are more likely to hire candidates with certifications. Microsoft offers challenging exams for those who want to obtain Azure credentials. These exams offer learners significant challenges to test their knowledge in all areas.

Essentially, Azure certification exams test your:

· Knowledge.

· Niveau of readiness

· Ability to adapt quickly.

· Recovery from catastrophic errors is quick.

Many exams, particularly those in the Expert and Specialty categories, require that the participants have extensive knowledge of Azure. Knowledge alone is often not enough.

Microsoft is well-known for its high standards in security, cost management, and implementation. A Microsoft Azure certification is a sign that you are a skilled recruiter.

· Cloud computing is our commitment

· Expertise in Azure’s best practices

· Completely conversant with all technologies covered by your certification.

Career Advancement

IT professionals with Azure certifications make over $149,000/year, even at entry-level positions like DevOps. Being certified will certainly increase your average salary. However, this does not mean that a Microsoft Azure certification will guarantee you a job at the right company. Employers will look at you differently if you have a combination of certifications and work experience. This is particularly true for professionals who have multiple certifications. These professionals are often faced with difficult questions in interviews for recruitment. However, they can negotiate higher salaries and benefits. Sometimes, they even get hired for senior positions within their company.

Personal Development

Azure-certified professionals make more than software engineers who don’t have a Microsoft Azure certification. This is true even for entry-level jobs. Azure can help you to grow your career and earn higher salaries each year.

What Azure Certifications Does Microsoft Offer?

Microsoft Azure currently offers 21 certificates. These Azure certifications can be divided into four levels according to difficulty and scope. These certifications are:

· Fundamental

· Associate

· Expert

· Specialty

This article will provide information about the most popular Azure certifications list certificates. It will also discuss their costs.

Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certificates

Certificates for Azure Fundamentals are designed for those who just want to get started with Azure and need to know all the basics. This level will give you a basic understanding of Azure-related knowledge, such as:

· Azure resource management

· Disaster recovery

· Scalability

· Fault Tolerance

Azure Fundamentals certification does not require any prior cloud computing knowledge. However, if you study the right material, you can pass the exam.

The Azure Fundamental level certification exam is $99 plus tax.

Azure Fundamentals Certification

Azure Fundamentals certification tests your ability to:

· Protection against Azure DDoS, Network Security Group, and Firewall.

· The fundamental concepts of disaster recovery, scalability, and High Availability (HA) are important.

· Exploration and use of Azure’s main products.

· There are differences between Hybrid, Public, and Private clouds.

Azure Data Fundamentals Certification

Azure Data Fundamentals certification tests your abilities in:

· Management, analytics, and other components of modern data warehouses.

· Data processing and ingestion using Azure and data visualization in Microsoft Power BI.

· Management tasks include provisioning and deploying data services and query techniques in SQL.

Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

Azure AI Fundamentals Certification tests your abilities in:

· Considerations and workloads for AI.

· Azure features for conversational AI workloads

· Azure features for Natural Language Processing (NLP),

· Azure machine learning fundamental principles

Azure Security and Compliance Certification

Azure Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals certification test your abilities in:

· Microsoft security solutions: Capabilities and use

· Azure concepts of security, compliance, and identity

· Microsoft compliance solutions

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Microsoft Azure Associate Certificates

The Azure Associate level certifications are for professionals who have at least two years of experience in cloud computing. The Associate-level exams require little preparation and can significantly increase your knowledge of the topics being covered. These exams can be taken immediately after you have completed Fundamentals level certificates.

This certification level is for professionals who are already in the field. The Associate level certification exam costs $165 plus taxes. As Associate exams will require a lot of knowledge, it is advisable to have passed the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam.

Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification

Azure Data Scientist Associate certification tests your abilities in:

· Perform extraction, feature selection, and scaling.

· Data splitting, evaluation of model performance, and identification and treatment of data imbalances.

· Converting data into useable data sets, using visual data analytics to find patterns, and then identifying and solving anomalies.

Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification

Azure Security Engineer Associate certification tests your ability to:

· Configuration and management of data infrastructures, the configuration of TLS/SSL to protect application security, managing key vault, and configuring encryptions for data at rest.

· Configuring Azure Log Analytics, Azure Monitor, and configuring security policies. Also, managing security alarms.

· Implementing security for network and container hosts, as well as Azure resource management security.

Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification

The Azure Database Associate certification test assesses your abilities in:

· Monitoring activities and configuring resources to optimize performance.

· Reviewing queries, tables, and index design.

· Planning and implementation of High Availability and Disaster Recovery strategies for continuous services and backups.

Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Azure Administrator Associate certification tests your ability to:

· Storage implementation and management

· Azure compute resources deployment and management

· Monitoring and backing Azure resources up.

· Virtual networking management and configuration

· Azure Governance and Identity Management

Azure Developer Associate Certification

Azure Developer Associate certification tests your ability to:

· Developing for Azure storage.

· Developing Azure compute solutions.

· Connecting to Azure services and third-party services.

· Implementing Azure security.

Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification

Azure AI Engineer Associate certification tests your abilities in:

· Implementing natural language processing methods

· Implementing knowledge mining solutions

· Conversational AI solutions implemented.

· Computer vision solutions implemented.

· Planning and managing Azure Cognitive Services solutions.

Azure Identity & Access Administrator Associate Certificate

You will be assessed for your abilities in the Azure Identity and Access Associate certification exam.

· Implementing and planning identity management solutions.

· Application access management implemented.

· Implementation of identity management systems

· Implementing access and authentication management solutions

Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification

Azure Data Engineer Associate certification tests your abilities in:

· Optimizing and monitoring data storage and processing.

· Data storage design and implementation

· Data processing design and development

· Data security design and implementation

Azure Security Operations Analyst Associate Certificate

Azure Security Operations Associate Associate certification tests your ability to:

· Azure Sentinel can be used to identify and mitigate threats.

· Microsoft 365 Defender allows you to identify and mitigate threats.

· Azure Defender allows you to identify and mitigate threats.

Microsoft Azure Expert Certificate

Professionals with at least three to five years of experience in using Azure products, technologies, and applications are eligible for certificates for the Azure Expert level. The $165 exam for Expert level certification is included in the price. Taxes are not included. The Expert level certifications have a wide range of applications, covering most related Azure technologies and methods.

This exam level is difficult as it covers many topics and is very in-depth in each of them. Certain certifications require you to have a related Azure Associate certificate before you can take them. Azure DevOps Expert certificate, for example, requires that you have either Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certificates.

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification

Azure DevOps Expert Certification tests your abilities in:

· Management of source control.

· Security and compliance plans.

· Managing cloud hosting infrastructure.

· Forming instruments and SRE strategies.

· Continuous integration: Definition and implementation

Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification

The Azure Solutions Expert certification exam tests your ability to:

· Strategy for cloud migration to Azure

· Configuring Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

· Configuring serverless computing using Azure.

· Designing infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Specialty Certificates

Professionals with extensive experience in the Azure Specialty Level area are eligible to receive certificates. The Specialty level certification exam costs $165 plus tax. The difficulty level is similar to Expert level certificates. The scope of the exam is narrower than if it were to cover a wide range of subjects. This exam is designed to ensure that the professional has a deep understanding of each category and can deal with complex problems.

While no previous Azure certifications are required to take exams at this level of certification, the difficulty shouldn’t be underestimated. The specialty certificates are designed to test your knowledge in one area. Preparation exams and study will not suffice. It is highly recommended that you have real-world experience before taking these exams.

Azure IoT Developer Specialty Certification

You will be tested on your abilities in the Azure IoT Developer Specialist certification exam.

· Data processing and management

· Device provisioning and management

· Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing IoT solutions.

· Device provisioning and management

· Configuring, deploying, and monitoring IoT Edge Modules.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When do Microsoft Azure Certifications expire?

Microsoft Azure certifications will expire one year from June 2021 instead of the two-year period. To keep their certificate valid, the candidate must undergo recertification.

How can you verify if a professional is certified?

Ask the candidate to provide their Azure Certification Microsoft transcript ID and access code in order to verify that they have Azure Certification. Next, visit Microsoft’s MCP Transcript to enter the ID number as well as the access code. This will give you information about the candidate, including their certifications and expiration dates. It also shows when each Azure certification was granted.

Which Certification Is Better: AWS or Azure?

This is a complex question and would require its own article. We have created a certification guide that explains the platform’s strengths, weaknesses, and market. Before making a decision, make sure you read them.

Get Azure Certified Free!

Yes. Microsoft offers training days to developers periodically. Some of these free challenges give away Azure certification passes to those who pass the exam. These challenges are limited in time, and only one certificate is available. You can get an Azure certificate free of charge if you study the challenges and save $165.


The demand for cloud computing professionals is growing rapidly, making it a great reason to obtain an Azure certification. Being certified offers many benefits, including better job opportunities, higher salaries, more flexibility, and the ability to work in more places. If you want to pass the exam in in the first try, let SPOTO help you.

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