To learn AWS, you must meet several requirements. However, let’s first define AWS:

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is referred to as AWS. Amazon offers a comprehensive and secure cloud services platform. The main area of expertise for AWS Cloud is its vast array of infrastructure services. These services include networking, databases, computational power, and several types of storage. These services all support business expansion. Learning the new technology may at first appear difficult. Some IT experts might be unsure if their foundational knowledge is enough to master AWS or not. Knowing the prerequisites is crucial before enrolling in AWS certification classes.

What are the requirements for learning AWS?

You need to be aware of the prerequisites before enrolling in a cloud computing course. The majority of IT professionals looking to advance their careers in cloud computing are perplexed by this most basic question. Avoiding fallacies and concentrating on the prerequisites you require are both crucial. The next parts address the abilities required to learn AWS while also attempting to dispel any unfounded presumptions about it. The term “cloud computing” refers to several ideas in the IT industry. In essence, it revolves around subjects like virtualization technologies, hardware infrastructures, software infrastructures, and data center facilities.
The following are some of the crucial requirements:
1. Knowledge of the fundamentals of operating systems like Windows, Linux, etc.
2. Knowledge of networking and virtualization basics
3. Knowing any programming language;
4. Fundamental coding command (because certain auxiliary software may need it)
5. A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Clouds

Let’s now examine some of the essential requirements for AWS in more detail:

Operating System Knowledge:

You need to be familiar with the foundational ideas of operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc. because “Amazon cloud” is a broad term. You must understand how and what happens when these operating systems are used at a high level.
The Linux operating system must be understood. This is because most businesses use online applications and scalable infrastructures like Linux. A major advantage of using an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform like the AWS platform is that it supports Linux. Examining the online tutorials and documentation is the most efficient approach to learning Linux. Once you have a basic understanding of Linux OS, you can use it. Knowing the basics and operation of the Linux operating system helps me learn AWS Step by Step.

Understanding virtualization:

After being sufficiently accustomed to operating systems, the next step is to familiarize yourself with virtualization technology. Virtualization has a significant impact on the AWS learning path. With this method, numerous operating systems—virtual machines—are housed and run on a single physical machine. Additionally, each virtual machine has specific RAM, CPU, and storage space capacities. Each of them uses its operating system.
Keep in mind that virtual computers share the same hardware and network resources. They are merely physically apart from one another.

Understanding Networking:

Networking is a key component of Amazon Cloud. This is because networking is a necessity for all cloud platform operations. To begin with, you must have a basic understanding of how IP addresses work. You must comprehend what private and public networks are. Because you’ll encounter these terminologies later on on the AWS learning path, that’s why. A major problem will arise if you don’t have a fundamental understanding of these phrases.
The Internet must be accessible from every cloud instance. Learning each networking idea might be intimidating and challenging. You must possess advanced abilities that take a lot of practice. However, if you understand the fundamentals of networking and the words mentioned above, that is enough.

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Let’s now examine the requirements for each AWS certification, starting with the prerequisites:

Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner (Foundational Certification):

Basic expertise in IT services and solutions
Understanding of how the AWS platform is used to implement IT solutions and services.
AWS cloud experience of at least six months must be in a technical, sales, purchasing, administrative, or financial function.

AWS Certified Developer (Associate):

Possesses the coding skills and knowledge necessary to connect a custom business application to an AWS application.

Architect (Associate) AWS Certified Solutions

At least a year’s worth of expertise in creating and deploying software on the AWS platform.
Minimum proficiency in one high-level programming language
Possibilities include the ability to establish hybrid systems using AWS components, recognize an application’s requirements, and identify the best practices for security in an AWS application.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate):

Has at least a year of experience managing and running programs installed on the AWS platform.
How to run, set up, and maintain AWS-based systems.
A minimum of two years of experience in building and establishing AWS-based cloud architecture is required for AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) certification.
Understanding the methods used to implement the AWS application’s architecture.
An aptitude for high-level programming languages.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional):

At least two years of expertise in deploying, managing, and operating applications deployed inside the AWS environment.
Programming knowledge in any high-level language; knowledge of automation and testing using programming and scripting languages.

AWS Certified Security (Specialty):

Must have a minimum of five years of experience working as an IT security professional in developing and implementing security solutions.
2 years or more of expertise protecting AWS workloads
Knowledge of the fundamentals of using security controls for AWS workloads

AWS Certified Big Data (Specialty):

At least 5 years of expertise in the data analytics field Knowledge of how to build and develop a scalable, reliable, and successful architecture for data processing
familiarity with the definition and development of AWS big data services

AWS Certified Advanced Networking (Specialty):

“At least 5 years of expertise developing and implementing network systems.”
Knowledge of the principles and techniques utilized in AWS networking

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