You might find yourself wondering, “Which Amazon Web Services certificate is ideal for me?” Your desired job path might assist in pointing you in the direction of the appropriate certification learning course. Let’s have a look with SPOTO at the many certifications that Amazon Web Services has available for its customers.
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At the moment, there are 11 different certificates available, which are split across four experience levels: Foundational、Associate、Professional、Specialty


Cloud Practitioner Who Is Certified by AWS

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a foundational level step that users can choose to take to better prepare themselves for higher-level associate certifications as well as professional-level certifications. This certification exam is intended to assess a candidate’s fundamental understanding of the AWS cloud on a more general level. The knowledge required to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner includes the following:
1. Core AWS services
2. The fundamentals of AWS architecture and building blocks
3. The fundamentals of the security and compliance functions offered by AWS
4. Foundational Aspects of Cloud Computing

Associate Level

The fundamental level is the starting point for AWS certifications, although they are a significant step up from there. These certifications cover a broad spectrum of AWS at a mid-level depth, and the student will be required to study a large variety of AWS services and systems at a degree of technical expertise that ranges from middle to high.

Associate-level certification as an AWS Certified Developer

After completing this certification, you should have a solid understanding of the fundamental AWS services as well as the best practices for basic architectural design. You should also be able to:
1. Design, develop and deploy AWS cloud-based solutions.
2. Identify techniques needed to code a cloud solution
3. Implement the correct architecture for development and testing environments
4. Work with the various Amazon tools and services associated with databases, messaging, workflows, and notifications
5. Pick the right AWS services for a given application based on requirements
6. Write code for performance optimization of the AWS services utilized by an application.

Associate-level certification in AWS SysOps Administration on Amazon Web Services

Upon completing this certification, you should be able to:
1. Deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant AWS systems
2. Migrate on-premises systems to AWS
3. Implement and control AWS data flow
4. Properly select the AWS service that is best for security, data, or computing requirements
5. Estimate AWS usage costs and identify cost controls
Before becoming a candidate for this certification, an individual must first demonstrate that they have at least one year of experience working with AWS systems.
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Associate-level certification in AWS Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services

You will be prepared to do the following after earning the associate level of the AWS Solutions Architect certification: 1. Formulate architectural best practices for AWS
2. Identify cost control techniques and estimate AWS expenses
3. Plan the movement of data to and from Amazon Web Services
4. Based on the data and security needs, as well as the design of the database, choose the AWS service that is the most suited.
5. Demonstrate a strong command of both the data security design and implementation processes.
6. Oversee the lift and shift of an on-premises architecture to a cloud-based architecture hosted on Amazon Web Services.
7. Plan for and implement AWS infrastructure that is highly available, secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant.

At the Level of a Professional

The recipient of an AWS professional-level certification demonstrates not only knowledge but also skill at the highest possible level. The Solutions Architect and the DevOps Engineer are the target demographics for these qualifications, both of which are highly specialized positions. These certification examinations are very difficult, yet passing them can open doors to more advanced employment opportunities for its holders. Although it is not strictly necessary to pass an associate exam before attempting a professional-level certification, it is highly recommended that candidates do so.

Professional level Amazon Web Services DevOps Engineer

After achieving this level of certification, you should have an in-depth understanding of the authentication, authorization, and accounting processes offered by AWS. You will learn the following at this level of AWS certification:
1. Proficient knowledge of the administration of advanced roles and group management
2. Familiarity with the complexities of subnets and routing
3. Proficient knowledge of more complex networking protocols such as IPSec, BGP, Jumbo Frames, and Direct Connect
4. Development and enhanced deployment methodologies
5. To evaluate the risks, compliance, and governance associated with cloud computing
6. Innovative applications of cloud-forming processes
7. A variety of tools for monitoring, maintenance, and deployment are made available by Amazon

Architect of Solutions Certified by Amazon Web Services

The Professional Solutions Architect certification is the most advanced level offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You should be able to fulfill all of the responsibilities that were required for the certifications that came before it, in addition to the ones that are stated below.
1. Identify costs and implement thorough cost control techniques
2. Plan and implement scalable enterprise-level Amazon Web Services operations
3. Have the ability to devise and implement a plan to transfer large multi-tier systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
4. Determine which AWS best practices should be used to create and deploy applications by the specifications that have been provided.
5. Conceive and put into action, in AWS, the many different networking aspects
6. Become an expert in the planning and execution of connectivity with AWS
7. Construct and deploy Amazon Web Services applications that are dynamically dependable, scalable, fault-tolerant, highly available, and secure

Certifications for Particular Specialties

The Specialty certifications are neither at the associate level nor the professional level; rather, they involve an in-depth examination of certain AWS services at the expert level. These tests cover a rather restricted range of topics, yet they go into great depth. Before seeking certain specialized certificates, it is recommended that candidates have at least five years of experience working in their chosen industry. There are now seven different certifications for specialties that can be obtained.
1. Advanced Specialty Certification in Networking from AWS
2. Specialization in AWS-Certified Security
3. Specialization in Machine Learning, Accredited by AWS
4. AWS Certified in the Specialty of Building Alexa Skills
5. Specialization in AWS Data Analytics Certification
6. AWS Specialty Certification in Database Administration
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