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Question 1


A project manager has completed an assessment of the project team’s performance. Some team members have performed poorly on their assigned tasks.

What should the project manager do?


A. Create a new standard performance measure based on project requirements
B. Develop different approaches based on team members’ motivation and ability
C. Develop a standard approach to provide feedback to all team members
D. Provide intensive oversight to the team members who performed poorly


Correct answer: B


Question 2


An agile team has released the second version of its product, but the feedback is that the software has many bugs that compromise the user experience.

What should the project manager do?


A. Hire an external consultancy firm to focus on testing and quality control to avoid the issue in the future
B. Propose an internal program that offers incentives for the team members who find and fix bugs
C. Closely evaluate the skill set of the team, looking for technical gaps that need to be filed in order to improve quality
D. Facilitate the next retrospective meeting, focusing the team on analyzing root causes and proposing solutions


Correct answer: D


Question 3


A key project stakeholder has started to escalate all issues and main requirements to the project sponsor. The project manager is concerned about the team not receiving direct communications from this stakeholder.

Which two actions should the project manager take to improve the relationship with the stakeholder? (Choose two.)


A. Provide training to the team on emotional intelligence and status reporting techniques
B. Promote an adaptive and transparent environment where the team can easily communicate with the stakeholders
C. Share weekly status reports with detailed information about the project and team performance
D. Submit performance reports and task assignments to keep the stakeholder informed
E. Schedule regular meetings with the key stakeholder to provide updates and receive feedback
Correct answer: BE


Question 4


A project manager is leading a multiyear project that involves internal and external stakeholders. As the project manager begins to gather requirements, additional business stakeholders express interest in being involved.

Which three actions should the project manager take to ensure proper stakeholder involvement? (Choose three.)


A. Prioritize stakeholders based on the project phase and need
B. Perform a stakeholder assessment to align with the project objectives
C. Classify and rank stakeholders based on their positions in the organization
D. Include all stakeholders in the stakeholder engagement plan and provide the same level of communication
E. Develop a stakeholder impact/influence matrix to determine the level of engagement


Correct answer: ABE


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Question 5


In the initiating phase of a project, the project manager and team members are prioritizing the product backlog along with the product owner.

What should the project manager do next?


A. Produce a value-added product for the customer in each phase of the project.
B. Produce a value-added product for the customer as continuously as possible.
C. Produce a value-added product for the customer in the beginning of the project.
D. Produce a value-added product along with the supporting documentation.


Correct answer: B


Question 6


A project manager is overseeing a project as part of a program geared toward a major technology disruption. The team is comprised of brilliant young professionals who have worked on different projects for the organization in the past. However, the team complained that they previously experienced a lack of direction during project execution and are afraid of the same issue in this project.

Which two actions should the project manager take to ensure that this issue does not occur in this project? (Choose two.)


A. Organize a team-bonding activity and invite an external manager to speak to the team.
B. Set a clear vision for the project and ensure it is visible to all stakeholders.
C. Focus on the resource management plan and track project progress.
D. Encourage the team to do a brainstorming session and provide a mitigation plan.
E. Keep the team engaged and focused on the project’s direction.

Correct answer: BE


Question 7


Due to organizational changes, several key stakeholders are replaced by new ones in the middle of a project. As a result, numerous new requirements are raised.

What should the project manager do to ensure success of the project?


A. Review and prioritize new requirements with stakeholders to determine which change requests are needed.
B. Seek immediate approval to amend the project timeline and budget in order to deliver all new requirements.
C. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor and seek support to keep the original requirements.
D. Emphasize to the new stakeholders that new requirements are not allowed at this stage of the project.


Correct answer: A


Question 8


One phase of a project took much longer than initially anticipated. The key stakeholders expressed their concern regarding a potential project delay.

What should the project manager do?


A. Request additional contingency from the sponsor
B. Add more float to the overall project schedule
C. Expedite the next phase to reduce slippage
D. Organize a root cause analysis (RCA) workshop


Correct answer: D


Question 9


An agile team is working on a project that will be launched in six countries. Each country has specific requirements in addition to the base offering. The estimates indicate it will take six months to develop the base offering and an additional month to finalize each country’s unique requirements. The expected revenue for the product is the same for each country.

Which release strategy should the project manager recommend?


A. An iterative-based strategy to maximize value by releasing the product to each country as it is finalized and ready for release in that country
B. A financial-based strategy to reduce the roll-out effort and costs by planning a single, bundled release to all countries at the same time
C. A risk-based strategy to maximize the perceived value of the product by launching it to the countries with the lowest technical complexity
D. A quality-based strategy to maximize post-market adoption by releasing the product to the countries with the lowest probability of reporting field issues


Correct answer: A


Question 10


A primary stakeholder is unable to join the project status meetings consistently. The project manager has been communicating with this stakeholder informally and regularly to ensure that the stakeholder is up to date on the project. However, the project manager has recently resigned and will not be meeting with the new project manager prior to departure.

How should the project manager ensure that the new project manager continues to update this particular stakeholder?


A. Ensure that the project team has been provided guidance on the specific needs of this stakeholder
B. Update the stakeholder engagement plan with the specific communication needs for the stakeholder
C. Ensure that the project documents contain specific instructions regarding the stakeholder
D. Update the communications management plan with specific information on stakeholder engagement


Correct answer: B


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