A certification in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is becoming one of the most popular certifications and a “must have” certification for an IT professional working in the field of cloud computing, is in the process of becoming one of the most in-demand certifications. Amazon-Web Services provides candidates with the opportunity to earn one of three associate-level certifications, including the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification.
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The AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam tests your knowledge of core AWS services, their applications, and fundamental AWS architecture best practices. It also evaluates your ability to create, deploy, and troubleshoot cloud-based applications utilizing AWS.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular platform that enables users to build and deploy a wide variety of cloud-based applications. AWS is utilized all over the world.
Obtaining an AWS certification will open up many doors for you, as well as improve your skills and put you on a more stable career path. Additionally, earning more money is possible after achieving AWS certification. The annual salary for an AWS Certified Developer Associate is roughly in the neighborhood of 7,250,000 Indian Rupees. This article provides an introduction to the AWS Developer Associate certification (DVA-C01) test, as well as an outline of the associated course and a study guide for the certification.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

A great number of companies have their very own cloud services, which has led to a fierce competition among all of the other cloud services to see which one can come out on top. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is ranked among the best cloud computing services, has a positive influence on people and businesses all over the world.
The AWS service provides features such as Data encryption and other access controls, which together ensure the confidentiality of data stored in the cloud. Aside from that, Amazon Web Services is able to host dynamic websites and run a variety of web and application servers. In addition to that, it provides the option to operate with hybrid abilities.
AWS offers certification at three different levels, beginning with Associate and progressing all the way up to Professional. One of the fundamental AWS certifications Architecture is the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification.

Exam Prerequisites

The following are the requirements to become an AWS Certified Developer Associate:
1.You must have more than one year of hands-on experience in order to be qualified to manage and develop applications that are based on Amazon Web Services.
2. You should be proficient in at least one programming language that is of an advanced level and have understanding of the key services offered by AWS.
3. You need to be able to create code for serverless apps and be familiar with how to use AWS service APIs, SDKs, and the AWS Command Line Interface to write applications.
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How should one prepare for the exam to become an AWS Certified Developer Associate?

The AWS Developer Associate certification test can be prepared for with the help of free resources that are accessible both online and offline. This will be of great use to you while you are studying because it will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the skills and capabilities you possess in AWS. To assist you in passing the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam, the following study guide is provided:
Books Used as Reference
There is a large selection of reference books that can be obtained in order to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate test, and some of these books are,
First and foremost, the Complete All-in-One AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Guide.
Second, a beginner’s guide to AWS for software developers.
AWS Development Essentials is the third topic.
Exam Course Provider
You may find the test resources that are available online by conducting a search if you want to learn more about the details and format of the AWS Developer Associate exam. Udemy, Pluralsight, and Simplilearn
Exam Q&A
You can also refer to numerous websites and discussion forums such as Answers.com, Quora, and Stackoverflow that provide high-quality material and topic details pertaining to the certification.
Exam Practice Test
Better preparation for the exam can be attained through the usage of sample test questions. There is a large number of websites that offer Practice tests to evaluate candidates’ abilities and knowledge in regard to the AWS Developer Associate certification. You can look for practice sets on Amazon, but you should know that they do not cover the entire subject area. At SPOTO, you have two different options for how you can access practice sets of questions related to the AWS Developer Associate certification. To begin, here are some questions from the free AWS Developer Associate Practice Test. The second part is the AWS Developer Associate Practice Exam, which consists of more than 300 questions and a skills evaluation.

Training for AWS Certified Developer Associates (AWS CDA)

Visit https://aws.amazon.com/training/ to take advantage of the various free training options offered by AWS in preparation for the Developer Associate test. Registration is required for these trainings, but there is no charge for participating. AWS also provides access to a variety of Learning libraries, which may be used to learn more about the services offered by AWS. Additionally, it features AWS APN partner, which assists you in accelerating the growth of your business on AWS.
SPOTO provides a free AWS Developer Associate Tutorial as well as a free AWS Developer Associate Practice Exam so that you can better your chances of passing the AWS Developer Associate Exam.
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