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Question 1


A project manager is asked to develop maintenance planning software for a power plant. A similar project was executed by another department in the organization that was later closed due to low performance. The project manager is concerned about the project’s performance and wants to take action in advance to ensure the project succeeds.
What should the project manager do?


A. Continue executing the project as planned and add more resources if they are required.
B. Evaluate the project risk and add external experts to address the potential risks.
C. Review the lessons learned on similar projects so that they do not fall back into the same pattern.
D. Inform the project sponsor about the risk and try to convince them to withdraw from the project.


Correct answer: C


Question 2


A newly formed project team includes team members who have been working in the company for a long time as well as team members who are new to the company. The project team members discovered that there is a gap in communication between these two groups, and they are finding it hard to collaborate with one another.
What should the project manager do?


A. Ask the experienced members to lead the junior members to facilitate skill transfer
B. Organize networking sessions to allow the team members to get to know one another
C. Encourage team members to focus on delivering results with their specialized skills
D. Ask the team to self-organize and escalate any issues to the project manager


Correct answer: B


Question 3


A project manager is working for an organization in country A and has been tasked with opening the first brick-and-mortar store in country B. The sponsor has identified the city for the store and wants to minimize any potential issues with the local government.
Which action should the project manager take to address the sponsor’s request?


A. Work with the organization’s legal department to identify local regulations to ensure project compliance
B. Work with the organization’s project management office (PMO) to build a project team of residents located in the city
C. Work with the organization’s real estate department and reach out to the local government to identify the best location for the store
D. Work with the local government to build the profiles of employees that will be working in the store
Correct answer: A


Question 4


An equipment vendor will implement a new production line for a client company. The year-long project will include 2- to 4-month long iterations; however, the client’s project manager has no agile experience.
How should the project manager ensure that the client is effectively represented in the daily meetings?


A. Recommend agile training programs that best suit the client project manager’s schedule.
B. Propose a session for essential agile knowledge transfer for the client team to align with the daily meeting goals.
C. Realign the project to a predictive approach to ensure optimal collaboration between the teams.
D. Provide the client project manager with agile best practice documents and web resources.


Correct answer: B


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Question 5


A project manager is working in a company that has several global offices. During resource planning for a new project, the project manager realizes that the company requires projects to include team members from different continents.
What should the project manager do to ensure a successful project execution?


A. Plan for a meeting with the project sponsor to discuss the possibility of utilizing only local colleagues.
B. Send emails with information about the project deliverables on the first day of the project.
C. Connect with every location and check their preferred methods of communication.
D. Invite all resources to the project manager’s location to form a cohesive team until all deliverables are completed.


Correct answer: C


Question 6


A business stakeholder for a project is reluctant to accept an agile approach due to a previous bad experience, and is pushing for a predictive approach.
What strategy should the project manager use to persuade the stakeholder to use an agile approach?


A. Agree on a predictive approach, but apply agile concepts under the project management umbrella.
B. Ensure the stakeholder that an agile approach will deliver all of the expected results in a shorter period of time.
C. Document the request and escalate to upper management to consider a modification of the project charter.
D. Propose a phased project approach with multiple small interactions and build trust with the stakeholder through frequent value delivery.


Correct answer: D


Question 7


A project engineer in country A is complaining about the sample received from the supplier in country B because the sample is not the correct length. During a telephone conference, the supplier checked the drawings and insisted that the measurement was accurate.
What should the project manager do next?


A. Hire a company in country B to perform a quality check before shipment
B. Evaluate the procurement contract to determine the agreed-upon specifications
C. Escalate the issue to the purchasing department for review
D. Add an additional task to cut the received part according to the specifications


Correct answer: B


Question 8


A project manager has team members around the world in many different time zones. Project work frequently stalls because people in one office need to wait until another office is awake to have questions answered.
What should the project manager have done to avoid this?


A. Ensured that the project would be the highest priority for all team members
B. Planned and scheduled tasks and work packages to overcome geographical and time zone challenges
C. Learned more about how each team member prefers to communicate before assigning project work
D. Used communication tools, such as video conferencing, so different offices could communicate


Correct answer: B


Question 9


The project manager is reviewing a project’s progress and notices that one of the risks has become an issue.
What should the project manager do to address the situation?


A. Initiate a change request to obtain additional funds from the management reserve
B. Meet with the project team and customer to brainstorm about potential solutions
C. Schedule a high-priority meeting with the project stakeholders to discuss the issue
D. Collaborate with the relevant stakeholders on implementing the risk response plan


Correct answer: D


Question 10


A project manager has begun a complex oil refinery project. Although the project is in the initiation phase, the sponsor keeps asking for concrete dates for the most important project milestones.
When will the project manager be able to provide the requested information?


A. During the planning phase, when processes for scope definition and activity duration and sequencing will be performed
B. Close to the end of the project, as the forecasts will be more accurate and most risks will already be mitigated
C. In the initiation process, as it happens concurrently with the project contract and project charter creation
D. As soon as possible, as project delays can be significantly avoided when a schedule is developed early

Correct answer: B


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