The following are the top 20 PMP exam questions and answers for the PMP exam:

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1). A joint venture has a 60% probability of earning USD 100,000 and a 40% probability of USD 100,000. The expected monetary value of the business is:

The expected monitoring value (EMV) is expressed by EMV = probability × impact.
Find out the positive and negative qualities, and then add them:
0.6×$100,000 = $60,000 0.4×$100,000 = $40,000 EMV = $60,000-$40,000 = $20,000 income

2). The expected completion of the assessment range is 3σ
Meaning, which of the accompanying scope rules contains the least risk?

The instrument with the smallest distance is safer.

3). If the probability of a hazard in a given month is 20% and depends on the commitments made in the last five months, how likely is this hazard to occur in the fourth month of venture capital?


4). The accepted deadline for the project is approaching. In any case, the risk director admits that only 75% of the work has been completed. The business executive at this time gave the change request. What should be approved for change requirements?

Restorative activity depends on the cause

5). Can the danger be identified in what kind of trouble in the circuit board process?

Conduct qualitative risk analysis and monitor risks

6. What does RACI mean?

Responsible, responsible, consult, inform

7. Regarding the procedure, which of the following statements is correct?

A program is a group of related items

8. The project manager meets with the project team to review the lessons learned from previous projects. What activities does the group participate in?

Risk Identification

9. At a meeting of bidders, you see that a bidder is your close friend. What should you do next?

You will disclose this relationship to your management

10. If the probability of a risk event is 90%, and the consequence will be 10,000 USD, what does 9,000 USD represent?


11. the earthquake-damaged your development project. Your worker to be rented said that since you both have marked the agreement, he cannot meet the agreement’s conditions. He hinted:

Force majeure clause

12. All the following content is always the cause of the dangers brought about by the circulation of executives, except for:

Project status report

13. When evaluating practice time, the project manager should:

Include individuals who will complete work to obtain meters

14. The determination to resist danger helps:

The team ranks project risks

15. Is it recommended that you first try to include various partner gatherings?

Study the possibility and consequences of the hazards associated with the situation and plan how to respond.

16. You think it is difficult to assess the specific cost impact of the danger. You should evaluate a(n):

Qualitative basis

17. The task leader is assessing the hazards of his adventure activities. Some of her experts are not present but hope to be merged. How is this done?

Apply Delphi technology

18. After being demoted to task supervisor, you saw that the team had disputes on both professional and relationship levels during the project execution. What is the appropriate way to handle conflicts?

Conflicts should occur on time, usually in private, and an immediate community approach should be used.

19. Under what kind of danger, the boarding cycle can ensure the transfer of danger?

Perform quantitative risk analysis

20. When using the control chart, the exception is…

The upper and lower limits control special estimates beyond the transfer capacity between currency values.

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