A PMP Certification provides the benefits that a project manager seeks and advances your career (and pay grade) like a VIP pass. But did you realize that once you’ve earned your PMP®, you have to keep proving your worth? You must keep your credential current if you want to continue using the post-nominal letters “PMP” after your name.

The Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program points out the various ways to renew your certification by learning, working as a project manager, teaching others, and volunteering. The goal is to keep your project management skills current and aligned with the field’s ever-changing problems to maintain your certification status.

This post is intended for PMP test candidates who have already passed the exam. If you haven’t yet earned your PMP, you don’t need to earn PDUs. If you’re still working toward becoming a PMP, use SPOTO 100% Real PMP Exam Dumps to pass the exam on the first try.

You’ll need 60 PDUs to renew your PMP certification, with at least 35 spent learning and no more than 25 spent giving back. PMI will review your PDUs and determine whether they are valid. PMI will send you an email once you’ve met the requirement, verifying your eligibility for certification renewal. All you have to do next is pay the renewal fee ($60 for PMI members, $150 for non-members), and you’ll be set for another three years of project management bliss!

Note: While this article focuses on PMP PDUs, several other PMI certificates also need you to earn PDUs. Therefore, the advice in this article regarding obtaining and documenting PDUs and renewing your certification applies to all certifications. As you read, make adjustments to the requirements based on the certification you hold. Contact SPOTO for recertification service!

A Summary of the PMP Certification Renewal Process

Here are six simple steps to renew your PMP certification:

1. The PMP Certification is valid for three years from the date you passed the PMP exam and received your certification.

  • If the three-year period expires without renewal, your certification status will be changed to SUSPENDED. Your status can be suspended for up to a year. During this time, you will be unable to refer to yourself as a certified PMP or display the designation acronym after your professional name and title. You can (and should) earn the required PDUs to renew your certification during this period.
  • Otherwise, your status will be changed to EXPIRED if you allow the one-year suspension period to expire as well. Any certified PMP professional can come as close to the apocalypse as this. Even a thousand PDUs won’t be enough when this happens. You must reapply for certification, spend countless nights reviewing the PMBOK Guide, pay the hefty associated fees, and retake the grueling PMP Certification Exam. If you find yourself in this circumstance, it’s time to blame yourself for not building and tracking PDUs for four years (three as an active PMP and one as a suspended PMP). Exceptions are taken into account (the certificate bearer is incapacitated or has been sent absconding). Exceptions are taken into account (the certificate holder has been hindered, sent abroad with the military, etc.) However, hopefully, you’ve completed your homework and are ready to go on to the next task.

2. Know where your PMP certification and PDUs stand.

It is critical that you use the Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) to maintain up to current on your PMP certification and PDUs. The CCRS is an online application with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to keep track of the following:

  • The number of days left until your PMP expires
  • How your PDUs fit into the CCR guidelines
  • The number of PDUs needed to renew your certification
  • Summary of all your PDU claims

3. You should have 60 PDUs to renew your PMP certification.

That may appear straightforward, but not all PDUs are created equal. For example, under the renewal scheme, there are two sorts of PDUs:

i) Education – For this category, you must have at least 35 PDUs.

Attending a PMI conference, enrolling in Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) classes like SPOTO, attending approved events and workshops, and even self-directed learning like reading books are all ways to acquire them. Only Education-based PDUs can be used to renew your PMP certification (e.g., earn 60 PDUs by spending 60-hours on accredited online courses). However, keep in mind that PMI aligns Education PDUs with its Talent Triangle Model, and each component of the triangle requires at least 8 PDUs:

  • Technical project management is a term that describes the skills and expertise required to manage projects, programs, and portfolios. (Minimum of 8 PDUs)
  • Leadership refers to the traits, abilities, and expertise required to lead, motivate, and direct teams toward a common goal. (Minimum of 8 PDUs)
  • Strategic and Business Management – refers to the project manager’s knowledge, abilities, and command of the industry, market, and organization in which they work. (Minimum of 8 PDUs)

ii) Giving back to the profession – This is an optional category for which you can earn zero (0) to a maximum of 25 PDUs.

This technique allows you to earn PDUs by participating in activities that allow you to apply and share your project management skills to benefit the practice or contribute to noble causes, advocacies, or charities. In addition, volunteering actions and situations where you created or added to domain knowledge can be mentioned (such as mentoring, coaching, writing articles, or authoring other media for project management professionals). Finally, you can earn 8 PDUs by reporting genuine professional work/employment as a project manager during the certification term.

4. Submit all of your PDU claims for validation on the CCRS to keep track of your progress.

You’ll be notified when you’ve earned enough PDUs (60), and you’ll be asked to submit a renewal application and pay a renewal fee:

  • $60 for PMI members
  • $150 for non-members

5. If you renew your PMP certification, you’ll be able to use the coveted and in-demand credential for another three years.

This means you can keep the terms “PMP” after your name on your business card, e.g., “John Smith, PMP,” and advertise yourself to employers and clients as a qualified project management specialist.

6. Be sure to start early in building PDUs again for the next cycle.

It is important to note that identical learning modules, reading materials, and activities claimed in a previous cycle will not be considered valid PDUs for the next PMP renewal process. As a result, ensure that your REP/online learning provider provides a diverse range of courses and business topics to choose from.


A PMP Certification can be a stepping stone, a competitive advantage, or a source of pride.

The loss of a loved one can have far-reaching consequences, which means that you should make it a priority to renew it once you obtain a PMP certification.

Cramming to build PDUs at the last minute, like cramming for a college exam, can drain your soul. The key is to approach the renewal process positively, viewing it as an opportunity to improve your technical skills, business acumen, and personal character. Furthermore, the process is sufficiently adaptable to allow you to stack PDUs in a variety of ways.

As a result, earning PDUs can be a great motivation and a fun way to keep learning, networking, and giving back to the community.

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