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A large project is affecting the neighborhood in which it is located. The neighbors are not satisfied with the project, and their resistance to the project may affect the project deadline.
What two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)

A. Ask the mayor of the city to use their authority to stop neighborhood resistance
B. Set up a meeting with neighborhood representatives to win their cooperation.
C. Send letters to the neighbors and ask them kindly not to disturb the project
D. Analyze the situation and find out what is causing the neighborhood’s negative attitude.
E. Ask the customer to extend the project deadline to allow time for conflict resolution.

Correct Answer: BD


After gathering all the requirements for a project with dependencies on external stakeholders, the project team is finishing the second iteration. At this point, the project manager learns about a possible change in regulations that would prevent the product launch.
What should the project manager do to realize benefits?

A. Add an entry in the risk log.
B. Implement the changes.
C. Review target benefits.
D. Improve the team’s velocity.

Correct Answer: A


An agile project is running activities to define the minimum viable product (MVP) During the session, the project manager identifies some mandatory regulations, but there is no consensus to include these regulations in the MVP because it may extend the duration of the project.
What should the project manager do?

A. Share with the participants the need to focus only on product functionality.
B. Ask the project sponsor to add more time to the project
C. Train the team on the new regulations as requested by management
D. Get commitment from the team to include all of the required regulations.

Correct Answer: D


A new project manager is planning an information security project for a company that resides in different countries. What is the first step the project manager should take to gather customer requirements?

A. Request relevant stakeholders to conduct an analysis and reach consensus independently.
B. Conduct a stakeholder analysis to identify how regional policies may influence needs.
C. Conduct project planning meetings in one location with relevant stakeholders
D. Conduct a project scope review workshop with relevant stakeholders.

Correct Answer: A

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The project schedule is falling behind and the project manager observes that the project team seems to be spending the majority of their time writing documentation instead of performing project tasks.
What should the project manager do to help ensure that the team focuses on project tasks?

A. Review and adapt the appropriate project artifacts
B. Assign a team member to handle the documentation activities.
C. Save all documentation activities until the end of the project
D. Coach the project team to complete the project documentation activities.

Correct Answer: A


During the retrospective ceremony, the agile team is talking about the product owner’s expectations not being met. What should the project manager have done at the beginning of the project?

A. Communicated project vision and sprint goals clearly to the team.
B. Defined the expected agile team contribution in the creation of the backlog.
C. Defined the team ground rules and shared project vision.
D. Assessed the capabilities of the agile team and planned for the required training.

Correct Answer: A


While managing a project, the project manager has just noticed that the last several monthly invoices have been challenged by the client when they were clearly defined. The actual invoice payments received have also been late and were outside of the contracted payment schedule. Recent invoices have only been partially paid.
What should the project manager do?

A. Add nonpayment to the issue log and keep tracking payments.
B. Conduct a meeting with the project team to update the procurement management plan.
C. Hold a meeting with the client to address the issue.
D. Review past projects for payment-related lessons learned.

Correct Answer: C


Five agile teams working together on a product recently performed release planning Midway through the project, each team showed that their progress was on track. When all of the teams integrated at the product level, many integration issues were observed. The overall product release progress declined with predictions showing the committed content will not be able to be accomplished.
What should the project manager have done differently?

A. Formed a separate quality assurance team to test all items coming from each team at the end of each sprint
B. Ensured frequent and continuous integration of work to obtain early feedback and continuous learning
C. Arranged an online session on the integration concept and suggested tools to the teams
D. Performed a Scrum of Scrums on a regular basis to help the teams remove impediments

Correct Answer: D


During project execution, the project manager notices that the work performance reports have deteriorated drastically in less than two weeks. The project team in country A is complaining about delays resulting from holidays occurring in country B that have impacted their project team.
How should the project manager handle this situation?

A. Implement fast-tracking to compress the schedule and improve the SPI.
B. Perform conflict management using the project’s resource management plan.
C. Review the risk management plan to evaluate the probability and impact of these delays
D. implement cashing to compress the schedule and mprove the schedule performance index (SPI).

Correct Answer: A


An organization is transitioning to agile and a project has been chosen as a pilot The assigned project manager only has experience using predictive approaches, but the project manager is now required to use agile approaches with the help of an agile coach. During the retrospective of the fth sprint, the project team complains that many obstacles exist with the organization that are creating project delays and rework. What should the project manager do in this situation?

A. Promote collaboration to help remove the obstacles for the team.
B. Perform a root cause analysis during the standup meetings.
C. Create a dedicated sprint to solve the obstacles with the team.
D. Include impediment resolutions during daily standup meetings.

Correct Answer: A

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