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Development team members are located in three different time zones It is difficult to find a suitable time to hold the daily standup for all team members. What should the project manager do?

A. Let the team members decide themselves if they want to join the meeting.
B. Require all team members to join the daily standup regardless of the meeting time.
C. Encourage frequent, small team meetings with two or three team members.
D. Give up the daily standup and replace it with a daily report.

Correct Answer: C


A company is implementing a new system. The project manager has identified that it is best to complete this project using a mix of Scrum and Kanban methodologies. The product owner is confused as to how to start delivering the functionalities required.
How should the project manager assist the product owner?

A. Encourage the team to subdivide the project tasks.
B. Coach the product owner on how to create a product backlog.
C. Discuss the product owner’s responsibilities within the project team
D. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) and explain the deliverables to the product owner.

Correct Answer: B


A new project manager was assigned to a project during implementation The project manager realized that new tax policies are creating a risk for a cost overrun by 25%. The project manager updated the risk register and kept the project running as normal. The CEO has announced that the project could be cancelled since the acceptable cost overrun is only 20%. The project manager was quite surprised as this was new information.
What should the project manager have done to avoid this?

A. Ensured the risk tolerance of the company was properly updated.
B. Implemented the communications management plan property
C. Implemented the stakeholder engagement plan correctly.
D. Provided a proper risk response.

Correct Answer: A

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A new team member is added to a self-organizing team. The new team member is reluctant to speak and take part in team discussions or decisions. Which two actions should the team take to engage this new team member? (Choose two)

A. Coach the new team member to improve engagement with the team.
B. Report to the project manager about the new team member’s behavior.
C. Facilitate an open discussion on all ideas and perspectives.
D. Force the new team member to participate in activities that are considered easy.
E. Revisit the team’s discussion on team behaviors and norms.

Correct Answer: AC


A project manager receives a voicemail from a business analyst on the project team.The business analyst indicates that an internal stakeholder is upset that they were not included before the project began. The stakeholder is asking for an addition to the requirements traceability matrix.
What should the project manager do to improve the stakeholder relationship?

A. Consult the project scope document to make sure the addition is in scope.
B. Update the stakeholder engagement plan to ensure the stakeholder is included in the project stakeholder list.
C. Initiate a project change request so the change control board (CCB) can decide if it is in scope.
D. Engage the stakeholder to solicit more information before responding to the request

Correct Answer: B


During project execution, the project manager discovered that a key deliverable was missing from the scope of work. After investigation, the project manager and the team discovered that the missing deliverable will impact the critical path.
What should the project manager do to avoid future delays?

A. Submit a change request
B. Add additional resources to the project.
C. Update the scope of work
D. Review the risk management plan.

Correct Answer: A


During the implementation phase of a construction project, the customer asked a key subcontractor to deliver a work package ahead of time. The subcontractor was not prepared for it and asked the project manager for additional budget.
What should the project manager do first?

A. Submit a change request to accelerate the project as requested.
B. Ask upper management for more funds, and update the project budget
C. Revise the project scope accordingly to cope with the budget changes.
D. Update the risk register and project log. and manage the budget closely

Correct Answer: B


The city has decided to build a new train station. The project will include various approaches The construction and infrastructure work will be accomplished using a predictive life cycle while software will be developed using an iterative life cycle Some neighbors are resisting the project, have been asking the mayor to stop the project, and are threatening legal action.
What two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)

A. Conduct regular meetings with the neighbors to get their buy in for the project
B. Have a meeting with the mayor and explain the importance of the new train station to the city.
C. Register this situation as a risk and develop a mitigation plan
D. Discuss with the construction team alternatives on moving the new train station to another location.
E. Publish information on the city’s website about the benefits that the new train station will bring

Correct Answer: AE


A company just started managing a project using an agile approach Due to this change, the general manager is worried about the scope definition process for upcoming projects.
What should the project manager do to ensure the project scope is completely defined?

A. Ask the general manager to review every requirement to ensure all projects will deliver the requested products
B. Ask for a budget increase to implement a double- check process to ensure every business need is included in the requirements.
C. Help sponsors and stakeholders craft the product vision and bring the team and product owner together to clarify expectations.
D. Meet with the general manager and convince them to return to using predictive approaches to avoid any risk

Correct Answer: C


To estimate the costs of a new project that is similar to a project that was implemented last year, the project manager meets with a group of experts from the previous project The group uses a three-point estimating technique. The project manager submits the estimated budget to the project sponsor for approval The project sponsor, who is new to the company, is concerned because the budget exceeded their expectations.
What should the project manager do?

A. Review the organizational process assessment to determine if a contingency reserve was considered in the budget estimate.
B. Use soft skills to convince the project sponsor to approve the new budget estimate.
C. Review the historical information and lessons learn tom last year’s project to justify the new budget estimate
D. Change the budgeting technique to a more accurate, bottom-up cost estimation.

Correct Answer: D

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