The PMP certification was and continues to be a yardstick by which prospective project managers can evaluate and demonstrate their ability to carry out the duties and responsibilities of their position.

The exam, according to a recent PMI update, is based on the PMP certification exam content outline, not on the PMBOK® Guide or other reference books. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – Seventh Edition will now serve as a reference for the exam items’ development. However, before any validated exam item is added to the exam, it undergoes a stringent and exhaustive review and field test cycle. This process can take several months.

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Important projects in the portfolio backlog need to be delivered Budget estimates are needed to prioritize the projects. How should the project budgets be estimated?

A. The team facilitator uses historical data and arrives at an estimate based on the nature of the project
B. Budget estimates are provided based on the experience of the sponsor, product owner, and team facilitator.
C. The project is decomposed into features, and based on the feature value and the velocity of the team, the team provides the estimate.
D. The product owner obtains all project details and, based on the team’s experience and velocity, provides a budget estimate.

Correct Answer: B


The project manager is having difficulty obtaining approval of the project requirements because there is disagreement among the project stakeholders. This issue is putting the project schedule at risk.
What should the project manager do first to facilitate the approval of project requirements?

A. Hold a team-building event
B. Geview the project charter.
C. Perform a stakeholder analysis.
D. Identify the source of the disagreement

Correct Answer: B


The project manager has learned that the project sponsor is unhappy with the development of the project requirements. In order to realign the project with the sponsor’s expectations, what should the project manager do?

A. Confirm which templates the team should be using.
B. Review the project goal diagram with the team.
C. Perform a stakeholder evaluation.
D. Review the risk management plan.

Correct Answer: B

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A project team with members from many different countries is struggling to cooperate. The project manager accepted these difficulties during the storming phase of team development, but the team has not moved to the next phase. The project is beginning to fall behind schedule.
What can the project manager do to move the team to the norming phase?

A. Speak with the project sponsor about changing the team composition.
B. Plan social activities to help foster stronger interpersonal relationships and identify shared goals.
C. Figure out who is behind the issues and apply progressive disciplinary techniques
D. Show ne team the schedule impact or her communication issues and encourage hem 1o put their differences aside

Correct Answer: B


A project in the execution phase is behind schedule and is missing some materials The contractor submits an offer to supply the missing materials and reimburse the cost since the internal procurement process will cause more delay The project manager does not agree with the costs submitted by the contractor for the missing materials.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Ask the project sponsor to allocate more budget to cover the costs.
B. Update the procurement management plan and negotiate with the contractor.
C. Update the procurement strategy and negotiate with the contractor.
D. Ask the contractor to review the offer and reduce the costs.

Correct Answer: C


A project team is engaging a development team in another country to develop software. During progress reviews, the project manager identified completion date delays due to rework because there were different interpretations of the client’s needs.
What should the project manager do?

A. Travel to the development team’s office to push the schedule.
B. Set up a meeting with key stakeholders to clarity requirements.
C. Create prototypes with the development team to confirm requirements
D. Escalate to the project steering committee and request additional time.

Correct Answer: C


A project manager is leading a project with several stakeholders in other functional areas of the company. One of these stakeholders has just been promoted to lead another functional area, and remains a stakeholder for this project.
What should the project manager have the project team update to ensure proper communications to stakeholders?

A. Stakeholder engagement plan
B. Stakeholder register
C. Project management plan
D. Communications management plan

Correct Answer: B


A project manager has been using predictive methodology for more than 10 years and is switching to an agile project. The team members have not previously worked together. After two sprints of work, the team has not achieved any outcome and there is a lot of pressure to get work done.
What kind of leadership style should the project manager use at this stage?

A. A passive leadership style that allows the team to self-organize until the norming stage is reached
B. A leadership style that coaches people who want help and fosters greater team collaboration
C. A democratic style that uses techniques were majority opinion
D. A directive style that makes decisions for the group to reach early outcomes

Correct Answer: B


A project manager is assigned to a project in a company that is transitioning to agile. Not all stakeholders believe in the project, and some stakeholders would like the entire project defined and planned out early in the project However, the project sponsor needs a quick win to ensure the continuation of the project.
What approach should the project manager use?

A. A hybrid project as this will mitigate stakeholders’ concerns.
B. An agile approach as this would provide working functionality earlier.
C. A predictive approach as this would please the senior stakeholders.
D. A predictive approach as this will show benefits for all stakeholders.

Correct Answer: A


A project team is experiencing delays in completing a task that turned out to be more complex than initially estimated This is a critical task that could impact current iteration goals.
What two options will help the team initially address this obstacle? (Choose two)

A. Schedule a retrospective.
B. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor.
C. Conduct a root cause analysis.
D. Review and update dependencies.
E. Create a risk management plan.

Correct Answer: DE


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