PMP certification is vital since it  speaks highly of you to future employers, and influences your earning potential. One advantage of PMP certification is that it is not field-specific and may be used in any business or managerial field.

Project management is evolving in tandem with the rest of the world. Certifications hide an unlimited amount of value, and these credentials ensure that you stay updated and competent. There are PMP certificates available at every level, from entry-level to advanced.

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A project manager has been managing a project for several months when an issue that had not been registered as a risk appeared This issue may have a big impact on the project.

What should the project manager do?


A. Delay the project until the issue is addressed and no longer presents as a risk to the project.

B. Hold a meeting with the project team and relevant stakeholders to agree on the best way to manage the issue.

C. Avoid managing the issue as it was not registered as a risk for the project and there is no planned response to it.

D. Inform the sponsor that the issue has arisen and that the project’s success may be uncetain.


Correct Answer: B




A project manager led the implementation of an electronic invoicing project that has just been completed. The financial manager communicated that the team discover ed three invoices with errors communicated that the team discover ed three invoices with errors.

Which two documents should the project manager update as soon as possible? (Choose two)


A. Backlog register

B. Risk register

C. Issue log

D. Change log

E. Stakeholder register


Correct Answer: CD




A team is holding the first demonstration of the software built to date on a medium sized project The product owner has uncovered a number of issues they would like to be addressed before providing approval.

How should the project manager approach this problem?


A. Plan to address the issues through backlog grooming and incorporate them into the next sprint.

B. Referthe product owner to the signed business requirement document and explain that the current plan cannot facilitate these changes.

C. Refer the product owner to the change management plan, then escalate to the steering committee.

D. Tell the product owner the issues will be addressed in the second version of the software.


Correct Answer: C




A project manager has been asked to manage an existing complex project Some goals have already been delivered by the previous project manager. While reviewing the project management plan, the project manager realizes that one of the key deliverables is missing from the project goal.

What should the project manager do next to ensure the expected project value is delivered?


A. Escalate the issue about the deliverable to the project sponsor.

B. Gather the missing requirements and add them to the requirements documentation.

C. Ask to use the contingency fund for more resources to complete the missing deliverable.

D. Confirm the expected deliverables and rebaseline the project.


Correct Answer: D

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One team member is not as active as the rest of the team during a brainstorming session. The project manager has a separate conversation with the team member and learns that the team member is slightly hearing impaired The team member appreciates the project manager’s concern The project manager then decides to change the time and room for the meeting to ensure everyone can participate.

What interpersonal skill did the project manager use?


A. Conflict management

B. Influencing

C. Emotional intelligence

D. Networking


Correct Answer: C




A project manager is assigned to lead a newly formed agile team The functional manager has assigned tasks to team members, but the team members do not feel empowered.

How can the project manager promote empowerment and accountability among the team?


A. Assign the tasks individually based on the role of the team member to ensure expertise on the subject.

B. Give the team autonomy to make their own decisions on how to perform the tasks.

C. Encourage and assign the team to perform demos of their products or software with the customers.

D. Encourage the team to keep the product owner involved when choosing ways to resolve the given task.


Correct Answer: B




A project manager is assigned to a new project to deliver a product at the end of the year. The project manager was informed by the vendor that a core component could not be shipped on time, which will impact the schedule.

What should project manager to do next to minimize the impact on the project?


A. Replace the vendor with a new vendor who can offer the component on time.

B. Review and update the issue log and determine if any alternative components can be offered.

C. Add an item to the next status review to make stakeholders aware of the vendor issue.

D. Schedule a meeting with all stakeholders to extend the project deadline.


Correct Answer: B




During the course of a project, the project manager wants to ensure that the work carried out and the product being created do not deviate from the prescribed business value.

What should the project manager pay special attention to in order to achieve this goal?


A. Monitoring and updating the benefits realization plan

B. Carrying out quality audits and failure analyses

C. Reviewing and updating the requirements management plan

D. Monitoring the work breakdown structure(WBS)


Correct Answer: A




A project manager has been managing a highly complex project The project manager has ensured that all of the required tasks have been completed. During a recent external audit, the project manager was informed of a heavy penalty being levied on the project for the latest module that was implemented.

What should the project manager have done to ensure that there were no liabilities arising from the recent implementation?


A. Ensured that all of the required tasks identified in the scope were completed successfully

B. Ensured that all the required approvals were received per the organizational procedures

C. Ensured that all defects identified during testing were resolved before implementation

D. Ensued hat al documentation was completed post implementation before closing the project


Correct Answer: B




A project manager is starting a project using a hybrid approach and notices some team members only have knowledge of predictive approaches. What does the project manager need to do first in order to have good project performance?


A. Assess the required training per team member

B. Deliver hybrid training to all team members

C. Coach those team members lacking hybrid knowledge to learn on the job

D. Change the team to include hybrid experts


Correct Answer: A


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